Hotels in California

Hotels in California

As fabulous and diverse the state is, so are the hotels in California. There is accommodation of all kinds available for visitors to California. This Golden State being one of the popular tourist destinations and business hubs has many famous upscale hotel chains and other luxury accommodations. However, what make visiting and staying in California special are the unique compact hotels that offer comfort with a local flair.

California Tourism

California offers its visitors a multitude of vacations including Beach Vacation, Golf Vacation, Spa Vacation, Family Vacation, Outdoor Adventure, Skiing or Snowboarding Vacation, Cooking Vacation, Food tour and Wine tour. With so much to offer, California does not compromise on any aspect of any of these attractions or activities. It has all the facilities and resources to satisfy all its vacationers. A part of this unique experience that California offers is the types of special hotels in California.

Unique Hotels in California

Following is a compilation of some of the cozy and unique hotels in California. They make your visit to California extra special.

  • Groveland Hotel, Yosmite – Groveland Hotel is a historic place of 1849. The hotel has comfortable beds and dining facilities. It offers both fine dining and saloon of the gold-rush period. It offers several special packages such as Wine Discovery, Valentine’s Special, Ghost Hunter, etc., depending on the season.
  • Pelican Inn, Muir Beach – Pelican Inn is an English cottage with huge fireplace, windows of lead-glass, antiques of the 17th century, and slate roof. The inn has an English pub. It is a preferred spot for small weddings.
  • Vagabonds House Inn, Carmel – Vagabonds House Inn is popularly referred to as Carmel’s ‘Tiffany Diamond.’ Situated amidst restaurants, galleries and boutiques, it is a Tudor inn made of semi-timber and bricks. You will be served a bountiful breakfast in your room.
  • Cypress Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea – Cypress Inn has a Mediterranean look and is one among the pride destinations in California. It is a very pet-friendly place that places no restrictions for well-behaved animals.
  • The Avalon, Catalina – Avalon hotel is a superior boutique hotel with Craftsman era’s custom furnishings. It is surrounded by scenic views of spectacular hillsides and Pacific Ocean. The whole place exhibits subtle elegance.
  • Honor Mansion, Healdsburg – Honor Mansion is a Victorian Mansion of 1883. It has a wide and beautiful landscaping along with facilities for golf, croquet, tennis and bocce. It is a serene place with pristine sophistication.
  • Tallman Hotel, Upper Lake – Tallman Hotel is a restored 1890 house. While the house retains its Victorian look, it has been surrounded by settings (gardens, suites, pools, etc.) of the contemporary period.
  • Wigwam Hotel, San Bernardino - Wigwam hotel is located on the route 66, and has tee pee concrete cottages. It is a retro motel and offers a unique experience.

This is just a small list of unique and usual hotels in California. The Golden State has mush more to offer its visitors.