Honolulu Travel Guide


Honolulu means a sheltered bay or place of center. They have several places that really can bring refuge to you as the tourist or traveler, things like the sunset, the sandy atmosphere, and the waters having a feeling like home. With the beach atmosphere can bring the feeling of invigoration they also have several features that will definitely not bore you. They have the wide choices for cuisines, many historical places around, and you may visit one of the volcanoes there is the rainforest to tour and the golf courses. Any activities that you would like can be offered here in Honolulu.


The most famous beach that can be seen here in Honolulu is the Waikiki beach. This is very appealing for those who love swimming, canoeing, surfing, and snorkeling. This is also known as the Sprouting Water, have a two mile of white sandy coastlines that is in front of hotels and tourist facilities. They have services for swimmers, surfers, boogie boarders, outrigger canoe riders. This beach is in front of hotels namely the Sheraton Waikiki, Royal Hawaiian, Outrigger Waikiki and Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel and they also have the Kuhio Beach Park.

There also is the Kahanamoku Beach fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, the Kahanamoku Beach Park, Fort DeRussy Beach, Gray's Beach, Kuhio Beach Park, this are just some of the beaches near the Waikiki Beach.

Museums and Galleries

They have several museums like the Bishop Museum, this is the popular facility for the historical culture in the Pacific that have been known for their biggest historical collection with specimens around the world including the insects and the arthropods having at least 16,500 types this is already the third most biggest zoological collections and the ranking eight in the world. Inside the museum they also have the planetarium. This will really amaze the tourists with the vast collection of the Hawaiian artifacts and the science based exhibits. This is Honolulu best and largest museums, popular for their Polynesian displays. Those who love insects would truly be amazed in these large, vast collections of many types of species.

Contemporary Museum, they are loyal to the present day arts, aside from the art gallery tourist also have a choice to relax in the garden.


Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, this is the place for scuba divers and swimmers alike this is not a beach but a bay near an extinct volcano with the magnificent coral reefs and fishes.

Pali Lookout, this is one of the most famous sceneries in Honolulu they are historic in the sense that this place reminisce the battles in Hawaii, the presence of the Old Pali Road gives an appealing site to the place.

Diamond Head State Monument, this is previously a Military camp site near a volcanic crater, hikers would love to explore this site as it would give them the freedom experiencing walking or driving the 761 feet trail above sea level and another trail would be on the 100 steps on the World War II-era bunker.

The golf course would also be a terrific spot in this area, they are very outstanding and you will be surely amazed with this wonderful site that is there. Lyon Arboretum this 200 acres and they feature hike pathways and they also have a rainforest. This is the beauty that is truly Hawaii.


When you would like to have a taste of paradise remember this place and you will surely return because of its grandeur beauty that is like the feeling in paradise. They have been named as the "Best Island of the World" for consecutive 8 years and the "World's Best Travel Destination for a span of five years.

This valley is like the mainland. There are several hotels near Maui they are called as the Fantasy island because of their high profile population, fast pace of lifestyle, which is more like the Southern California area.

This is a very tropical paradise with the golden beaches, tropical cliff, in the Heavenly Road to Hana. Haleakala National Park, this is very popular for those who love hiking, bicycling, sunrise watchers. There is no word like boring in Maui feel like home and haven for those who will be going here and see the beauty that is Maui.