Hong Kong Harborscape

Archaeologists have found proof of prehistoric human existence in Hong Kong. It became a part of China under the rule of the Qin dynasty. The natural harbor of Hong Kong was the main reason why the British occupied Hong Kong at the time of the opium war. It eventually became an important trading post for the British. It was under British rule until 1997 after which the ownership of Hong Kong reverted to China.

Facts of the Hong Kong Harborscape

  • Hong Kong Harborscape (China) comprises the Victoria Harbor which lies between the Kowloon Peninsula and the Hong Kong Island and is situated on the South China Sea Coast.
  • It occupies an area of approximately 42 square kilometers.
  • The beauty of the Hong Kong Harborscape is very well known and is a major tourist attraction.
  • There are mountains on almost all sides of the harbor. These protect the harbor against strong winds and typhoons.

Weather and Climate

The climate at Hong Kong is humid and subtropical. The summer temperature is usually above 30° C and the weather is extremely humid. Summer is also the time Hong Kong gets hit by typhoons. The fall season during October and November is considered to be the most pleasant. In winter, temperature ranges between 15° C and 20° C. During the winter monsoons, temperatures could dip below 10° C. On the other hand, warm winter winds could push the temperature about 20° C.

Witness the Amazing View of the Hong Kong Harborscape (China)

Hong Kong Harborscape General Information
Type Residential
Location Hong Kong, China
Coordinates 22°18′11.0″N 114°9′42.0″E
Construction started 2001
Completed 2004
Hong Kong Harborscape Height
Roof 255m (836.6ft)
Hong Kong Harborscape Technical Details
Floor Count 74
Floor Area 128,845 m2 (1,386,876 sqft)
Hong Kong Harborscape Companies Involved
Architect P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd.

Things to See and Things to Do at the Hong Kong Harborscape

  • For a sea level view of the Harborscape, one should take a ferry ride on one of the innumerable boats which ply between the central business district and Kowloon city. One would be able to view Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and also the activities at the harbor. The ‘Shining Star’ ferry is modeled on the lines of ferries of the 1920s.
  • Another view of the Hong Kong Harborscape (China) could be had from Victoria Peak provided the day is clear. A ride on the Peak Tram which climbs a steep incline to the Victoria Peak is an exciting experience.
  • Taking a cruise in the night would give one a breathtaking view of the seemingly endless flickering neon lights. One would also get the opportunity to watch ‘A symphony of lights’, an impressive light show.


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