Honeymoon Places in Arizona

Honeymoon Destinations in Arizona

Arizona has a varied landscape and offers many amazing places to visit and enjoy. Here are the top 10 romantic honeymoon places in Arizona:

  1. Red Rock Country: Located in Sedona, this natural rock formation is the ideal place for honeymooners. It features the Oak Creek, the sterling springs and also a view of the canyon. The slide rock park is awesome for swimming.
  2. Tucson: The region boasts of a tropical climate year long and hence perfect for outdoor recreations. The placed is dotted with museums, monuments and parks.
  3. Phoenix: The Valley of Sun - Phoenix is a large city that hosts many resorts and outdoor sporting activities. It’s great on weather and makes for a one of the most fabulous honeymoon places in Arizona.
  4. Lake Powell: Apart from being the largest man-made lake in the USA, this lake is just magical and offers houseboats on hire. The lake also houses some good resorts by its shore.
  5. Grand Canyon: Being one of the wonders of the world, Grand Canyon will definitely be the highlight of your honeymoon.
  6. Scottsdale: Just like Tucson, this city enjoys sunny weather through the year and hence makes for a good honeymoon destination.
  7. Prescott National Forest: Rated as one of the best national forests, this honeymoon destination offers the best camping sites and adventure sports such as kayaking, rock-climbing and biking.
  8. Flagstaff: Located in a mountainous terrain, this amazing destination is a complete honeymoon package with resorts, greenery and serenity.
  9. Bisbee: A valley surrounded by picturesque mountains, this lovely artists’ retreat is chock-a-bloc with coffee shops, antique stores and is a complete cultural village.
  10.  Monument Valley: Apart from its memorable landscape one can explore the valley drive and the tribal park that feature awesome sceneries to add to your honeymoon memorabilia.