Honeymoon Destinations in Sonoma County


Honeymoon Destinations in Sonoma County

The Sonoma county, a valley between to mountain ranges has been a long time favorites of honeymooners and is a romantic and quiet place to spend your honeymoon. This place is just a 30 miles north of San Francisco and can be reached by a one hour drive from it. The air of the Sonoma County in California Wine Country is rich with the smell of fresh grapes and enchanting flavor of wine. This is the best spot for honeymoon for nature lovers and wine lovers. The small place has the friendliest natives who make the visit and wine tasting more welcome and the honeymooners who love to bike can explore the beautiful gardens and wineries on bike.

When to visit the place for your honeymoon

The valley has a moderately warm climate around the year. So you can plan your honeymoon at anytime during the year. If you prefer to see the grape harvest in the Sonoma County try visiting in the harvest season which falls between august and September. At this time of the year you can also watch the beautiful sight of green vinery spotted with the red of ripe grapes. You can also watch the preparation of new wine at this time of the year.

Best things to do at the Sonoma County

Nature has blessed this small valley with beautiful carpets of greenery, and grape and olive gardens and very fresh air with the scent of grapes and olives. Enjoy the most of this elegant valley on the few days of your honeymoon. Honeymoon at this place makes you feel far away from all the stress and tension and allow ample time to spent knowing each other while exploring the new place together, the place also promises very good hotels, spas and good food. Some things you can enjoy at the Sonoma County are

Wine tasting

More than 250 family run winery and large wineries are there at the Sonoma County. And some are the best rated in the whole of America.Wine tasting is one of the biggest attractions of the place and you can get a chance to taste some of the very good and oldest wines. Local restaurants, wine tasting bar, vineyards and wineries provide the chance for wine tasting. You can also order a few bottles of the ones you like the most to take back home.

Exploring the valley on bikes

Hike through the County with your partner and enjoy exploring nature and new spots together. Romantic bike ride through the winery is a chance which you may not be going to get outside this beautiful valley. Hike slowly and stop at places where you find the most beautiful. You can stop at the vine yard for a short picnic break as most provides food and wine; enjoy the bite of food in the shelter of the grape vines in between your ride.

You can also explore the first generation giant redwoods hiking through the Armstrong Redwood State Reserve. This magnificent groove of redwoods is the remainder of the vast redwood forest that covered the major part of the valley before hundreds of year. Don’t worry to get lost during the forest hike as self guided natural trails will show you the way. You can also have a picnic spot in between the forest. Just thing how romantic it would be hiking your way through the vast forest away from the world and away from any sort of disturbances; just the nature and you two.

Goat Rock beaches of Sonoma County

On the sandy beach at the mouth of the Russian river, you can find a large rock along the shoreline just as if it broke away from the mainland.  Watching huge waves crashing onto the rocks and the wading birds you will never know the clock tick off. You can also see live seals and sea lions from this beach. Cuddle each other and enjoy the sea and the breeze from it.

Robert Ferguson observatory

This largest observatory in western USA is located at the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park within Sonoma valley. The main attraction of this must see observatory is the Planet walk which displays the relative sizes ant the relative distance between the planets most accurately. The Planet walk is 4.5 miles information packed journey from the sun. Solar system viewing and night sky viewing through the telescope are other attraction of the Robert Ferguson observatory.

Hot air Balloon

Sonoma County is nature, nature and nature; enjoy the sight and scent of it in every possible way. The hot air balloon ride gives a breath taking view of this very green valley and you can enjoy how beautiful mother nature had made this small place and you will know why you came all the way here to celebrate your honeymoon. The Up and Away company carries the passengers over the Sonoma County and also provides gourmet breakfast after the ride.


This small valley has about 50 spas where you can pamper yourself and relax into a free state. You can choose from ancient thermal mineral water spa, vinotherapy treatment with grapes, Japanese style cedar enzyme bath, honey treatment, or other spa treatment using local products.

Dining shopping

Sonoma County offers a tasty and tempting meal and tasty wine. The cuisine of Sonoma County is by itself a big reason to choose this place for honeymoon. You can also get tasty chocolate treats which you can take away to your home town.

The place also offers a good shopping experience and you can come across almost everything including great dresses and unique souvenir at the shopping malls and the shopping plazas.

This is the best place to plan your honeymoon if you are on nature. Everything in this beautiful place says green, the grape wine, the forest, the village farms and the olive garden adds to the beauty of the place. The trip would be incomplete if you don't visit the olive garden and olive oil production centre, Glenn Ellen. The rocky harbor of Bodega Head, the Paradise Ridge Winery, Western Hills Nursery and the Sonoma State Historic Park are among the other attractions of the place.  This place also gives you an opportunity for plenty of activities like horse riding, fishing, bird watching, canoeing, and golf. So pack your luggage and fly to this beautiful paradise with your spouse and pamper yourself with the best of days.

Hot Hotels and Spas


Sonoma County Honeymoon Hotel Name Hotel Information & Address
Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa NA
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa NA
Gaige House NA
Geyserville Inn NA
Kenwood Inn & Spa NA
Les Mars Hotel NA
Madrona Manor NA
Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa NA
The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa
  • Overall Honeymoon Score: Not Rated
  • Average Price Per Room Per Night: $299
  • Number of Rooms: 182
  • 1325 Broadway, Sonoma, California 95476, United States
Vintners Inn
  • Average Price Per Room Per Night: $275
  • Number of Rooms: 44
  • 4350 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa, California 95403, United States


Recommended Spas
  1. Coldwater Creek
  2. Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
  3. Hotel Healdsburg
  4. Kenwood Inn & Spa
  5. Osmosis
Romantic Honeymoon Activities
  1. Picnic at a Winery
  2. Soar over Sonoma
  3. Food & Wine tasting
  4. Redwood forest hiking
  5. Chocolate Tasting