Hayman Island, Australia Destinations

Hayman Island, Australia Destinations

Hayman Island - An Outstanding Australian Destination

Have you ever heard of Hayman Island situated in the coast of Central Queensland, Australia? It is not just simply an island as it has much more to explore and enjoy. Basically when someone spells out the word ‘island’, a typical idea comes to our mind that leads us to think of a beautiful place of rich nature surrounded with vast water. Hayman Island also keeps the same beauty hopefully much more.

Hayman Island Information

Hayman Island Geography
Hayman Island Location Coral Sea
Hayman Island Archipelago Cumberland Islands
Hayman Island Area 4 km2 (1.5 sq mi)
Hayman Island Length 4 km (2.5 mi)
Hayman Island Width 3 km (1.9 mi)
Hayman Island Country

Why Hayman Island is the best choice for Travelers?

It is a big feast for your eyes once you get down at Hayman Island. The beauty of this island is incomparable to other islands of the world; hence it stands apart and attracts worldwide visitors every year. Are you looking for celebrating your holiday, wedding, honeymoon or conference? Hayman Island should be the best place for your search as it has considerable world class hotels providing you ample facilities. This island can be accessed by air from its nearest Great Barrier Reef airport at Hamilton Island. You can have maximum comfort of world class facilities at the same time you can enjoy watching splendid natural beauty and classic tropical paradise. The real blue of the nature can be experienced in this island, which is one of the most eye-catching scenes.

Wedding & Honeymoon Special Extravaganza:

This island is the apple of those eyes who want to celebrate their wedding and honeymoon. Couples of different countries can enjoy in this island. They will get many facilities exactly suiting their budget. The standard of enjoyment can be attained as per budget. The big areas of this island are mostly attracted by visitors who want to celebrate wedding ceremonies. You have to book well in advance before travelling there. Early bookings will help get the right place on time with comprehensive facilities.

Accommodation in Hayman Island:

You will find good accommodation in this island as the resort has elegant living hotels of beautifully appointed rooms, suites, penthouses and a beach villa. Most of the hotels are designed to offer you great advantages featuring private terraces and balconies.

  • Retreat Wing
  • Pool Wing
  • Lagoon Wing
  • Beach Wing
  • Penthouses<
  • Facilities and Services

Dining in Hayman Island

You will find a wide variety of opulent dining for your selections or choices. You select any restaurants and have the taste of the world. You will find here large numbers of continental dishes; however, you can select local dishes too on Hayman Island to get a taste of the local dishes.

Spa in Hayman Island

You will have comfortable experience of its health and spa. Spa has been certified in this island as a Leading Spa and you will get an exclusive array of magnificent treatments here. You can have beauty and wellness programs too.

Leisure Activities in Hayman Island

Hayman Island is mostly remarkable for its relaxation, rejuvenation, indulgence or adventure activities. You will get ample variety of programs, which can make you forget the rest of the world. Just enjoy in this island and get the taste of your holiday recreation. Some of the programs are well organized to meet the visitors’ requirements according to their life styles.

Business Events in Hayman Island

Hayman Island is the perfect place of conducting small or large meetings, incentives and special events and individual reward programs. This place inspires to have the experience of tropical surroundings where you can enjoy conducting your business meetings.