Hawaii Vacation

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Hawaii Islands, the birth place of surfing on the sea and hula, where you can enjoy a memorable vacation for a long time is waiting for your visit. There are six important islands with distinct and unique features and every one to be visited as a tourist, these islands nicknamed as Paradise on Earth.

Hawaii Vacation spots
  • Hawaii's Big Island
  • Maui
  • Lanai
  • Molokai
  • Oahu
  • Kauai

The combination is popularly known as Aloha Islands. The best part of vacation in these Aloha Islands is the excellent climatic conditions, pleasant and comfortable through out the year between 63 to 82 degrees "F". Hawaii's capital is Honolulu and this state has a total population of 1.26 million in all the major islands put together. In all these islands excellent accommodation facilities are available including cottages, condominiums, bed and breakfast staying, comfortable hotels and luxury resort bungalows.

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Hawaii Attractions

Big Island

Of all the 13 climatic zones described the world over, you can have a feel of 11 of them here. Within an hour or so, you can reach the other extreme of snowy mountains from the breezing beach.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the world famous vacation spot here and you can see the flowing of molten lava. For excellent site seeing of waterfalls, horse or cattle ranches, coffee growing farms and dense rain forests are there


In size and population Maui island is the next largest and offers a very wide opportunity for selection of beaches, recreation, shopping and staying places for your vacation - from moderate condominiums to high cost luxury hotels.


Even though Lanai is small, this tiny island has very much to offer to every tourist - right from seclusion and privacy for honeymoon couples, relaxation and rejuvenation for peaceful holidaying and mingling with artists from the world over in music, writing, culinary skills and film making to show piece their respective talents.


The Most Hawaiian Island because of the native Hawaiian people who are friendly to tourists are living here and one can completely relax in the tranquility of greenery and beach resorts here. Online Cheap Hawaii travel package is possible here.


This third largest island containing the capital Honolulu. You can enjoy the modern facilities at the densely populated cities or relax quietly amidst the nature in the suburbs not far from these hectic activities.


The most beautiful, lush green and quite expansive island on the sea-shores of the Atlantic Ocean, ideal for nature lovers.

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