Hawaii Destinations

Hawaii Destinations

Hawaii Destinations

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Hawaii General Information

 Hawaii is a state in US and is situated in the center of Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 122 islands and out of those, 8 islands are considered to be the major tourist destinations which are the most popular. Hawaii is the only state that has major tourist followers and the only land that practices two official language English & Hawaiian. It has been founded that more than 70% of the population speak English. The environment of Hawaii is very warm and 7 out of 12 months goes as summer; the maximum temperature in summer fluctuates between 23 degree C to 32 degree C while in the winter the maximum temperature fluctuates between 19 degree C to 23 degree C; thus, we can conclude that summer is the favourite season of the Hawaiian people.

It has been recorded that earlier in the year 2006 US Marine Corporation has declared the largest sea protected area that covers around 36 millions of sea hectares that includes coral reefs. Almost more than 7000 species that includes the endangered species of Hawaii such as Seal and the green turtle are covered by the protection area of the US Marine Corporation.  

The Hawaii Destination has always been chartered on the number 1 position for welcoming  the tourist and for its unique tradition such as Hula Dance, surf activities, the traditional tattoo- Kakau and the sweet soft enchanting music that makes you swing with its melodious beats.

Hawaii Destination

As we move on to the major concern of the Hawaii which is tourism, you will find the state has something or the other for each and every tourist. It never leaves it’s visitors disappointed. Tourists who visit the Hawaii experience an unforgettable memory in the state. The convenience of the bigger city with all the hi tech facilities along with the sweet silence and peace of the small town are found here. The rural and urban life can be seen existing together at the same place.

Popular Tourist Destination Hawaii

The major tourist spot of Hawaii are Honolulu, Kahuku, Kailua and the Waikiki. Honolulu is the state capital and thus has some of mesmerising and everlasting fun that definitely no one will like to miss.
There are various spots for tourist attraction and they are just a few steps ahead from you. It all depends on you - which spot attracts you the most and which area according to you is filled with more fun and enjoyment. Tourists can enjoy the rainforest and the hiking trails which are situated in the Waikiki Beach and are considered to be one of the world’s best tourist attraction spots. Tourists who wish to enjoy the roughness and adventure of surfing and get into the large waves of Oahu’s north shore find it here.

Tourists who look for a slower place for experience can visit the neighbour island and can sit, relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. Some major and beautiful natural wonders are seen in the city of Honolulu which not only mesmerises the eyes of the tourist but also fills the heart of the tourist with its pleasant and eye-catching beauty. The ultimate experience of hiking can be taken at the Seven Sacred Pools which is worth visiting.

Hawaii offers a vast number of activities that attracts tourist. Some other tourist spots that are worth visiting are Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park & Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park on the Big Island, Haleakala National Park on Maui & Waimea Canyon & Napaii Coast in Kauai. Hiking and eco tours are the most popular activities on most islands of Hawaii with other enjoyment packages such as horse riding, ATV, air tours and landscape exploring. Some museums and historical sites also attracts tourists, - ones who are interested in the cultural part will not get disappointed as the vast culture of Hawaii Destination and its different activities make the day an interesting one.

The varieties of food and the vast culture with the inclusion of the popular tourist attractions and the natural wonders make the Hawaii destinations a major state for tourist attraction.

Famous Hawaii Destinations


Oahu Geography
Oahu Location 21°28′N 157°59′W
Oahu Area 596.7 sq. mi. (1,545.4 km²)
Oahu Rank 3rd largest Hawaiian Island
Oahu Highest Point Mount Kaʻala
Oahu Max Elevation 4,003 ft (1,220.1 m)
Oahu Demographics
Oahu Population 905,034 (as of 2008)
Oahu Density 1,468/sq. mi. (567/km²)
Oahu Official Insignia
Oahu Flower Ilima
Oahu Color Melemele (yellow)


Kauai Geography
Kauai Location 22°05′N 159°30′W
Kauai Area 562.3 sq mi (1430.4 km²)
Kauai Rank 4th largest Hawaiian Island
Kauai Highest Point Kawaikini
Kauai Max Elevation 5,243 ft (1,598 m)
Kauai Demographics
Kauai Population 65,689 (as of 2008)
Kauai Density 106/sq mi (41/km²)
Kauai Official Insignia
Kauai Flower Mokihana (Melicope anisata)
Kauai Color Poni (purple)


Maui Geography
Maui Location 20°48′N 156°20′W
Maui Area 727.2 sq. mi. (1883.5 km2)
Maui Rank 2nd largest Hawaiian Island
Maui Highest Point Haleakalā
Maui Max Elevation 10,023 ft. (3,055 m)
Maui Demographics
Maui Population 117,644 (as of 2000)
Maui Density 162/sq. mi. (62/km2)
Maui Official Insignia
Maui Flower Lokelani
Maui Color ʻĀkala (pink)


Lanai Geography
Lanai Location 20°50′N 156°56′W
Lanai Area 140.5 sq mi (364 km2)
Lanai Rank 6th largest Hawaiian Island
Lanai Highest Point Lānaʻihale
Lanai Max Elevation 3,366 ft (1,026 m)
Lanai Demographics
Lanai Population 3,193 (as of 2000)
Lanai Density 23/sq. mi. (9/km²)
Lanai Official Insignia
Lanai Flower Kaunaʻoa (Cuscuta sandwichiana)
Lanai Color ʻĀlani (orange)


Location 21°08′N 157°02′W
Area 260 sq mi (673.40 km2)
Rank 5th largest Hawaiian Island
Highest point Kamakou
Max elevation 4,961 ft (1,512 m)
Population 7,404 (as of 2000)
Density 28/sq mi (11/km²)
Official Insignia
Flower Kukui
Color ʻŌmaʻomaʻo (green)