Hawaii Attractions

Hawaii Attractions

Hawaii Tourist Attractions

Hawaii is considered as the Mecca of tourism with its pleasant and relaxing climate,  lush greenery and the best sunny beaches and surfing experiences in the world. The beautiful island, which is the birthplace of hula and surfing, also has some of the best attractions to offer for all age groups. Anyone who goes to the place will have a love at first sight experience with the paradise called Hawaii and will be sure to return back if they get a chance.

 There are more than hundreds of places in Hawaii that offers the best attraction for its visitors and there are indeed a few which are the must see at Hawaii.

Some of the best spots to visit at the state of Hawaii which gives you the real excitement and the feel of the state are.

Haleakala National Park

The Haleakala is a three thousand meters tall, inactive volcano that makes up the most part of the Maui Island. The slice of the mountain starting from the summit, where one can view the whole of the island and the newly formed volcano cones, down to the sea at the Kipahulu to the east is the Haleakala National Park. You can also see some original species of Hawaiian birds at the short trial in the homer groove, which was built near the national park as a land to cultivate some  exotic and imported pine and eucalyptus.

Haleakalā National Park
Haleakala National Park Location Maui County, Hawaii, USA
Haleakala National Park Nearest City PukalaniNearest city: Pukalani
Haleakala National Park Coordinates 20°43′0″N 156°10′0″W
Haleakala National Park Area 30,183 acres (122.15 km2)
Haleakala National Park Established July 1, 1961 Established: July 1, 1961
Haleakala National Park Visitors 1,426,068 (in 2006)
Haleakala National Park Governing Body National Park Service

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This is one of the most important attractions of the Hawaii Big Island. This park exhibits two of the most active volcanoes in the worlds, Kilauea and Mauna Loa and also displays the over seventy million years of volcanism, evolution and the birth of the island. The island which evolved in isolation before millions of years also exhibits the most exotic animals, birds and plants. So, every nature lovers can find a lot many flora and fauna which they can never see outside the island.

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Location Hawaii County, Hawaii, USA
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Nearest City HiloNearest city: Hilo
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Coordinates 19°23′0″N 155°12′0″W
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Area 505.3 sq mi (1,309 km2)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Established August 1, 1916 Established: August 1, 1916
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Visitors 1,612,246 (in 2006)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Governing Body National Park Service

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden

Ho'omaluhia meaning "To make a place of peace and tranquility" really stand up to its meaning and is one of the most beautiful and peaceful site at the Hawaii. The park with around 400 acres of green open space, the manmade lake setting at 32 acres,  and the beautiful Ko'olau mountain range is indeed a must see at  the island. This botanical garden has six large patches of garden for plants and trees from different part of the world. The tropical American Plants are at the Pa Launa, those from India And Sri Lanka at the Kahua Kuou, the native Hawaiian Plants at the Kahua Lehua, the African plants at the Kahua nui, Karua Kukui for the plants from different parts of the Pacific Polynesian Islands and the Hau trees at the Kahua Hau.

Pearl Harbor

 At the Pearl Harbor you can see one of the most powerful warships of the U S Army, the USS Missouri, which is now proudly docked at the Fort Island at the Pearl Harbor. Thousands of visitors are attracted to the USS memorial each day to see this grand ship that is now maintained and was miraculously restored by the USS Missouri Memorial Association.

Pearl Harbor Nearest City: Pearl City, Hawaiʻi
Pearl Harbor Coordinates: 21°20′38″N 157°58′30″W
Pearl Harbor Built / Founded: 1911
Pearl Harbor Governing Body: Department of the Navy
Pearl Harbor Added to NRHP: October 15, 1966
Pearl Harbor Designated NHLD: January 29, 1964
Pearl Harbor NRHP Reference#: 66000940

The Diamond Head Crater

This Waikiki icon, the Diamond Head Crater is recognized by the whole world and is a must visit if you are going to the capital city Honolulu. To get the beautiful sight of the Honolulu and the views of Waikiki, one can hike through the Diamond Head trail which is about two miles long from the base to the summit.

Manoa Falls

The Manoa falls are the must see for nature lovers as it is a magical blend of greenery, soft stream and peaceful place to camp. One can go on a hike on the 1.6 miles long trial through the tropical rain forest, watching the native plants growing wildly at the bank of clear and bubbling streams. Hiking along the trail, one can sniff in the fresh and crisp air smelling of damp earth, living forest, wild fruits and flowering plants.

Nua'anu Pali Lookout

This great spot at the Pali Highway at the Oahu is an all time tourist attraction. At the Pali lookout one can enjoy the panoramic view of the Oahu windward coast. The trail at the lower end of the lookout can give you different perspective of the views from Pali and the wide variety of wild flowers and exotic herbs. The Nua'anu Pali is also one of the most important historical site where the horrible battle of the Hawaii, between the Kamahemaha I and his defenders took place back in the seventeenth century.

The Honolulu Zoo

This zoo with lions, tigers, turtles, pink flamingoes, and other tropical and local Hawaii animals, is an interesting site to visit and is at a walking distance from any place on the Waikiki. The lush grounds, the nature like habitat set up, and the maundering paths gives a very great experience of wildlife watch. some of the birds in the zoo are left to move freely without the obstruction of a cage; so, the visitors can observe their behavior pattern in their natural habitat.

The Honolulu Zoo Location Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, USA
The Honolulu Zoo Land Area 42 acres (0.17 km²)
The Honolulu Zoo Coordinates 21.2709°N 157.8192°W
The Honolulu Zoo Number of Animals 1,230
The Honolulu Zoo Memberships AZA
The Honolulu Zoo Website http://www.honoluluzoo.org

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