Harvey World Travel



Harvey World Travel is amongst the biggest travel agencies in South Africa. It was established in South Africa in 1997 and as presently stretched to Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana. The company has now opened more than 100 retail offices all over Southern Africa.

The Harvey World Travel in Southern Africa is associated with Rennies Travel and Harvey World Travel Ltd situated in Australia.

Harvey World Travel group runs a network that has more than 500 retail outlets all over Australia and Southern Africa with its first office Cronulla, Sydnet in the early 1950s. The company was listed among the companies in the Australian Stock Exchange back in 1999.

Harley World Travel's Speciality

Harley World Travel has employed a highly trained workforce and they are highly knowledgeable of all the things related to travel. Many of their consultants are highly experienced and they have worked with reputed agencies for many years. Our consultants themselves travel many places to get in depth knowledge and guide its customers

Experience Travel with Harley World Travel

With Harley World Travel you will be able to enjoy discounts on airfares, cruises, holiday packages, coach travel, hotel accommodation and car rentals. It gives you the best prices around since it has generated ample volume of travel affiliating with numerous world class cruise liners, air lines, hotels, resorts and car rental companies

Harley World Travel can also arrange travel insurance for you for affordable prices giving you the best travel experience and non-stop enjoyment. At Harley World Travel, we will make sure that you get the best value for the money that you have spent with us.

Harley World Travel Agencies

All of Harley World Travel's Agencies are run by the agency owners; it makes sure that it provides its customers with the best customer service making your trip pleasurable and rewarding. All the Harvey World Travel outlets gives its customers the opportunity to talk comfortably about all the things related to their travel, no matter what the purpose of the travel is - whether it is a holiday or a business trip. If you plan to travel any time soon, try contacting our friendly and helpful consultants to know every detail related to your travel. With more than 100 agencies spread throughout the Southern Africa, it is certain that you will find a Harley World Travel Agency nearly you.