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Harbour Air Information:

Harbour Air Information
Harbour Express
Founded 1982
Hubs Vancouver Harbour Aerodrome
Victoria Inner Harbour Airport
Secondary Hubs Vancouver Int'l Aerodrome
Nanaimo Harbour Aerodrome
Langley Regional Airport
Fleet Size 33
Destinations 8
Company Slogan Your Seaplane Professionals
Headquarters Richmond, British Columbia
Key People -Greg McDougall, Chief Executive Officer
-Peter Evans, President
-Doug Hamerton, VP Maintenance
-Lindsay Hill, VP Finance
-Randy Wright, VP Sales & Marketing
-Chad Wetsch, VP Ground Operations

Harbour Air Background

Harbour Air is an airline which offers both chartered and scheduled services operating from Richmond in British Columbia in Canada. The main locations covered by this airline are Vancouver and the locations in and around Vancouver such as Victoria, Comox, Nanaimo, Sechelt and the Gulf Islands.

The main aircraft used by Harbour Air are Canada floatplanes. This airline also has a partnership with West Coast Air and uses de Havilland Twin Otters and Beavers aircraft.

History of Harbour Air

  • Harbour Air was founded in 1982 under the name of Windoak Air Service.
  • The primary aim was provision of chartered planes to the forestry department in British Columbia.
  • Harbour Air acquired Trans-Provincial Airlines in 1993, thereby expanding its operations both in the chartered services and scheduled services sectors.
  • In 2007, this airline opened a branch under the name of Harbour Air Malta which made use of a DHC-3 Turb Otter floatplane for carrying tourists to Gozo and the islands in that area.
  • Harbour Air won an award from Deloitte Canada in 2010 putting it in the prestigious category of being amount the 50 best managed companies in Canada.
  • In the same year Harbour Air successfully acquired West Coast Air which resulted in the consolidation of its terminal services.
  • In 2011, however, as a result of scarcity of passengers and escalating fuel prices, Harbour Air’s service from Langley Regional Airport to Victoria Harbour has grounded.

Facts about Harbour Air

  • Harbour Air is primarily all about operating floatplanes which are the most convenient means of transport for traveling to remote locations of largely sea-based small islands.
  • There are several flights which operate for the benefit of tourists who would like to catch as glimpse of scenic locations in Canada like the Malta and Gozo region by air.
  • The typical Harbour Air floatplane is a 14-seater and the bubble widows of these planes are altered to allow photography and sightseeing.
  • According to a recent survey, out of 49 tours operating out of Vancouver, Harbour Air is rated as the fifth-best.
  • Although the services offered by Harbour Air are popularly considered as tourism-oriented, in actuality these services are regularly utilized by the locals for commuting purposes.
  • As the area in and around Vancouver has several straits and inlets, Harbour Air gets the maximum advantage by using its fleet of floatplanes for carrying passengers to areas where there may be no airfields.
  • Tickets for flying with Harbour Air can be booked online or through the telephone. Online booking of tickets can be slightly cheaper than manual booking.
  • Harbour Air has a frequent flyer scheme where passengers who use their services regularly can get points which will result in discounts on air tickets in the future.


Harbour Air is a service which is very relevant in the region that it operates. The area is very scenic and a popular tourist location. It also has a lot of water bodies which are ideal for using floatplanes to transport passengers both tourists and locals to the various locations at a reasonable fares. It is the most popular air carrier in this region.

Harbour Air Careers

  • Flight Crew / Pilot Jobs
  • Mechanic / Engineer Jobs
  • Maintenance Jobs
  • Airhostess
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Administration Jobs

Harbour Air Fleet

Aircraft Count
Variants Notes
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 5 0 DHC-6-100 18 passengers
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter 18 16 DHC-3-T Turbo Otter 10-14 passengers
de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver 14 9 Beaver I 5-6 passengers
Cessna 185 Skywagon 1 2 Cessna 180 1-3 passengers
Bell 206 0 1 206B helicopter
Cessna 172 0 1 172M 3 passengers
Robinson R44 0 1 II helicopter

Harbour Air Destinations

  • Vancouver Harbour Water Aerodrome (Vancouver)
    • Victoria
    • Nanaimo
    • Gulf Islands (Ganges, Maple Bay, Bedwell Harbour)
  • Vancouver International Water Aerodrome (Richmond)
    • Victoria
    • Nanaimo
  • Victoria Inner Harbour Airport (Victoria)
    • Vancouver
    • Richmond(YVR)
    • Langley
  • Nanaimo Harbour Water Aerodrome (Nanaimo)
    • Vancouver
    • Richmond(YVR)
  • Langley Regional Airport (Langley)
    • Victoria

Harbour Air Fares

Harbour Air Confirmed Fares

  Prepaid Quicktickets
Route 1 Way Return Child1 Senior2 Book of 10 Cost/Flight
Vancouver-Victoria $134 $268 $67 $113.90 $1206.50 $120.65
Vancouver-Nanaimo $77.15 $154.30 $38.65 $65.60 $696.40 $69.64
Richmond (YVR)-Nanaimo $65.15 $130.30 $32.65 $55.40 $588.40 $58.84
Richmond (YVR)-Victoria $105 $210 $52.50 $89.25 $945.50 $94.55
Langley-Victoria $130 $260 $65 $110.50 $1170.50 $117.05
Vancouver-Gulf Islands $95 $190 $47.50 $80.75 $856.50 $85.65
Richmond (YVR)-Gulf Islands $85 $170 $42.50 $72.25 $766.50 $76.65

Harbour Air Stand-By Fares

Route 1 Way Return Student3 Senior4
Vancouver-Victoria $134 $268 $69 $69
Vancouver-Nanaimo $77.15 $154.30 $45.15 $45.15
Richmond (YVR)-Nanaimo $65.15 $130.30 $39.15 $39.15
Richmond (YVR)-Victoria $105 $210 $65 $65
Langley-Victoria $130 $260 $69 $69
Vancouver-Gulf Islands $95 $190 $59 $59
Richmond (YVR)-Gulf Islands $85 $170 $55 $55

Note : Fares will be changed as schedules.

Harbour Air Services

Harbour Air Complimentary amenities while you wait:

  • Local and National newspapers
  • Gourmet coffee, tea and baked goods
  • Internet Kiosks
  • Wireless Internet access

Harbour Air In-flight Experience (or see Aircraft):

  • Expanded Panoramic windows
  • Leather interiors in most aircraft
  • Coastlines In-flight magazine

Harbour Air Tours

Harbour Air Tours in Vancouver

  • Vancouver Panorama
  • Vancouver Extended Panorama
  • The Mail Run
  • Fjords And Resort Villages
  • Alpine Lakes And Glaciers
  • World's Best Sport Fishing
  • Fly 'N Dine To Horseshoe Bay New
  • Taste Of The West Coast New
  • Search For Orca Whales Photo Safari
  • Victoria Overnight
  • Victoria Fly 'N Drive
  • Victoria Day Trip

Harbour Air Tours in Victoria

  • Victoria Panorama
  • Islands Extravaganza
  • Rugged Mountains And The Wild West Coast
  • Fly 'N Dine To Butchart Gardens: Blooming Afternoon
  • Fly 'N Dine To Butchart Gardens: By Moonlight
  • Gardens Express
  • Vancouver Fly 'N Drive
  • Vancouver Day Trip

Harbour Air Check In

    Need to check in items are:
  • Passport/National ID card number
  • given names (as they appear on the passport/ID card)
  • last name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • You have checked the flight schedule in online check in option.
  • Be there in airport before 1 hour your flight departure time
  • Check the all the items belong to you when you are leaving the airport.
  • Don’t bring the delicate items with you.
  • Not allow wines in to the aircrafts

Harbour Air Phone Numbers

Harbour Air Reservations Call Center:
604.274.1277 (Lower Mainland)
250.384.2215 (Victoria)
250.714.0900 (Nanaimo)
250.537.5525 (Ganges, Saltspring Island)
1.800.665.0212 Toll Free in North America

Harbour Air Baggage Allowance

  • Between Vancouver BC/Victoria, Nanaimo, or the Gulf Islands is 25lbs (11.5kg)
  • when your traveling in Between Richmond/Victoria or Nanaimo is 50lbs (23kg)
  • when your traveling Between Langley/Victoria is 25lbs (11.5kg)