Halloween Cruises

Halloween Cruises

Go it’s a Halloween Time

  • Now every year people look to make their holidays a new experience and for this they try new experiments.
  • Cruise has become one of the exciting ways of enjoying holidays.
  • It becomes better when it has some theme. 
  • Halloween cruises are gaining popularity in this field.
  • People have lots of fun at Halloween cruises.
  • Cruise lines decorate their whole ship according to the theme. From the main entrance to the outer of the ship everything has a theme.
  • For example, when you enter the ship, you will see some small magnetic decoration on the doors. You can wear one of the weirdest dresses there.
  • You can be little more creative with your costume.
  • You will see some untraditional and interesting dresses that you may have never thought of.
  • All the cruise line people will wear some dress according to the theme. Rooms are decorated with different items like guns, swords or whips. They can be toys also.
  • There are different types of activities related to the theme.
  • You will have shows. There are costume contest in which the weirdest dress is given prize. So go weird.
  • Add long beards, lots of makeup, odd looking hats or 60 inch bosom are really awkward but great fun.
  • You can also wear odd masks. You can take help from your theatrical friends or from internet for some more weird ideas for your Halloween cruise costumes.

Specialty in Halloween Cruise

  • Here you will see many different types of decoration and arrangements done by cruise ships.
  • Sometimes kitchen staff carve pumpkins and decorate all over the ship as part of the theme.
  • Haunted houses are displayed and sometimes even setting of the cabins are done like that. Costume shows or contest are fabulous.
  • Winners get champagne to enjoy their victory.
  • You can have a different type of experience to enjoy your holidays.
  • Cruise lines arrange for other contest like making haunted gingerbread house. It is really great fun.
  • Staffs organise games according to the age, kids are given to find hidden treasure in haunted houses and the treasures are pack of chocolates or some toy.
  • These cruises will take you to many ports and many other hotels which are decorated on the same theme.
  • It is a good time to have fun on vacations in such adventurous way. You can become a kid again.
  • You can have fun in your weirdest dress and the best part is you will be appreciated for that. Mostly singles have fun there.
  • They meet different people there. Singles meet other singles through various activities and contest organized by the cruise lines.

Booking of Halloween Cruise

  • You can get discounts on pre-booking or booking for advance for other Halloween cruise of same cruise line.
  • It is a good way of getting out of your daily routine or relaxing on beach.

Halloween Cruises in NYC

  • Harbor Lights Halloween Eve Cruise
  • Jewel Yacht Halloween Eve Cruise
  • Jewel Yacht Late Night Halloween Eve Cruise
  • Paddle Wheel Queen Pre Halloween Midnight Cruise
  • Zephyr Yacht Halloween Costume Party Cruise
  • Circle Line Halloween Murder Mystery Experience
  • Pier 40

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