Haiti Maps

Haiti is officially known as the Republic of Haiti. It is a Caribbean country and occupies the western and a smaller portion of Hispaniola in the Greater Antillean archipelago which it shares with Dominican Republic.

Haiti is spread over an area of 27,750 square kilometers. Port-au-Prince is its capital. Haitian Creole and French are the official languages spoken here. As per the 2011 estimates, Haiti is host to a population of 9,719,932.

Haiti has the second largest coastline with 1,771 kilometers. It lies between 18 degree and 20 degree north latitudes and 71 degree and 75 degree west longitudes. Two-third of Haiti is mountainous with the rest of the country having valleys, plateaus and small plains.

Haiti Climate

Humid tropical climate with hot temperatures throughout the year can be experienced in Haiti which becomes more mild and fresh with the altitude. In the capital city of Haiti, the highest average temperature varies between 34 degree and 31 degree Celsius, while the average minimum temperature varies between 20 degree and 23 degree Celsius.

Haiti experiences two distinct rainy seasons, the first intense rainy season is between April and June, and the second less intense between August and October. The inland hurricanes especially arrive between June and October. From November to March, Haiti has little less high temperature and more rare down pour with less humid air.

Haiti Flora

The flora of Haiti has more variety of species. Pine, ferns, mahogany, cedar, rosewood and sapin are found in the rain forest mountain region. Coffee, cacao and coconut trees can be found along with native fruits such as avocado, orange, lime and mango. There are 5,000 species of plants in Haiti of which two thirds are trees and shrubs. The country grows 600 fern species and 300 different kinds of orchids.

Haiti Fauna

There are no large mammals or poisonous snakes in Haiti but many species of insects can be found. Ducks, guinea hens and four different species of wild pigeons are found in a big number. Egrets and flamingos reside on the inland lakes and reptiles include three varieties of crocodile, a number of small lizards and the rose boa. The coastal water inhabits tarpon, barracuda, kingfish, jack and red snapper.

haiti map
Map of Haiti