Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was originally a church which was built by Byzantines over 1400 years ago. But after the invasion of Turks in turkey they transformed this church into mosque by adding minarets and plastered over the mosaics. After that, it was transformed into museum. This is said to be the world’s largest museum. Hagia Sopia has large marble pillars which are the main attraction of the Hagia Sophia. It is beautifully designed by the mosaic which increases its beauty. Its internal decoration is marvelous, the walls and ceiling shows the fine work of architecture.Hagia Sophia is magnificent art of piece and has attracted many tourists all over the world towards itself.


Facts About Hagia Sophia

The fact is that Hagia Sophia is said to be largest mosque in the world over the thousands of year. It has forty windows outside the dome which seems like shell from outside and umbrella from inside. This is the fact that many of the mosaic in the mosque have been replaced which has changed the design of the old mosque.

Hagia Sophia Information

Location Istanbul (historically Constantinople) Turkey
Designer Isidore of Miletus
Anthemius of Tralles
Type Currently a Museum, formerly an Imperial Mosque (1453-1931) and Roman Catholic Cathedral (1204-1261); originally constructed as an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral (562-1204, 1261-1453).
Material Ashlar, brick
Length 82 m (269 ft)
Width 73 m (240 ft)
Height 55 m (180 ft)
Beginning Date 532
Completion Date 537


Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Weather

Hagia Sophia is in Istanbul and the weather of Istanbul is pleasant. It has sunny weather with partly cloudy sky. Humidity remains 50% and sometimes causes the chances of rainfall.

Hagia Sophia Places to Visit

Churches: There are several churches to visit in Istanbul like Saint Sophia Church, Aghia Sophia which is famous for Christianity.
The Blue Mosque:-This is the most famous mosque in Istanbul because of its interiors. The tiles and designing are of blue color which makes it different from other mosques.
The Museums:-There are museums in Istanbul which shows the marvelous work of art in it. It contains the paintings during Turks periods.
Underground Cistern:-This is the main thing to be seen in Istanbul. It is said that it is a unique experience while going there as you can hear the tunes of classical music under the ground
Topkapi Palace:-This is the palace of Ottoman sultans. The palace seems like group of buildings standing side by side forming a great view. In this palace, you can find the great art of work, jewels, paintings etc.

The other things to visit in Istanbul are Rumeli Fortress, spice market, Rustem Pasa Mosque, Chora Church and Grand Bazaar.

Things to Do in Hagia Sophia

Night Club:-The most famous section in Istanbul is its night clubs. Here the night clubs are full of color, professional dancers with Sufi music all around. This has attracted the tourists for fun and enjoyment.
Night Cruise:-This is the most enjoyable thing to be done in Istanbul. You can hire a Bosphorus ferry which will take you in between the sea, giving the view of Old City, the twinkling light and waves.
Shopping:-Every Tuesday you will find a huge market been set up in Sali pazari where you can find the cheapest clothes.

Hagia Sophia Climate

Climate in Istanbul varies a lot. Summers are very hot and humid. Summers are from July to August. Sometimes this area experiences rainfall in summers. Winters are cold and snow fall take place. December to January is the period of winters. Spring and autumn are normal. Sometimes this region has to face thunderstorm also.