Gulmarg Hill Station

GulmargLocation of Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir and India
Gulmarg Coordinates 34.05°N 74.38°E
Gulmarg Country  India
Gulmarg State Jammu and Kashmir
Gulmarg District(s) Baramula
Gulmarg Population 664 (2001[update])
Gulmarg Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Gulmarg Area
• Elevation

• 2,690 m (8,825 ft)

General Information - Gulmarg

Main Attraction
Alpather Lake, Golf Courses & Skiing

56-km South West Of Srinagar, Kashmir Region, J&K

Altitude - 2,730m

Best Time
In Summer - May To September
In Winter - November To February

Gulmarg Hill Station History

Gulmarg is a hill station and notified district committee in baramula area in Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Gulmarg History

Gulmarg was found in 1927 throughout their colonial empire in India. Gulmarg was a desired haunt of Ruler Jahangir who assembled 21 diverse qualities of flowers from here. Nowadays Gulmarg is not simply a mountain resort of outstanding beauty- it has highest green golf course in world and it is country’s premier ski resort in winter.

Gulmarg Access

Air: The closest airport to Gulmarg is in Badgam area.

Rail: The Jammu railway station is nearest in vicinity.

By Road: Gulmarg is 56 km away from Srinagar. Jammu & Kashmir SRTC works regular deluxe and usual bus services from Srinagar.

Gulmarg Attractions

Alpathar Lake

Alpather Lake is beautiful, calm and desired picnic spot for visitors. It is situated on valley down the Afarwat peaks of elevation about 4,511 m. this tranquil lake in triangular shape is located itself in backdrop of scenic hilly snow capped terrains. And the lakeside gardens affix the splendor of surroundings.


Gondola is popular for pleasant ambience and beautiful surroundings. The village is situated at scenic background of royal and verdant green Himalayan peaks. And the village is actually unexplored and calm.

The big attraction in Gondola is Gondola lift. It is a cable car working between Gondola in Gulmarg to Kong door. And this enjoyable bliss trips in cable car are wonderful and provide an experience for lifetime memory. And the beautiful views of greenish valleys and down hills are really charming for any nature lover.

Maharani Temple

Maharani temple related to Mohini Bai Sisodia, wife of King Maharaja Hari Singh of previous kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir was built in 1915. Maharani temple is well known for as Mohineshwar Shivalalaya and preserves the icon of Lord Shiva, which provides a regal attraction for devotees. And an icon of Goddess Parvati is placed here for devotees to prayers.

The historic Shiva temple was provided as Royal temple of Dogra Kings in Jammu and Kashmir. And the temple is situated on perfect surroundings on small hillock in centre of Gulmarg hill station. The temple offers the tourists a place for prayer and meditation.


Snowboarding and skiing are two major activities which can be performed in Gulmarg. And it has become trendy place for skiing in India. Long run Skiing is big attraction for all types of visitors in Gulmarg.

Several ski resort with all type of amenities and also for pleasing holidays are out there in Gulmarg drawing huge stream of foreign and domestic tourists. A visitor can obtain the assist of skiing guides from government shops or resorts. They provide all support for an exciting enthralling skiing break in Gulmarg.


Gulmarg is an admired trekking base in Himalayan areas. Several trekking trails providing medium to hard daring trekking initiates from the hilly territories of Gulmarg. And there are several resorts providing all support for trekking trips and there are several skilled guides.

Gulmarg-Alapther, Gulmarg-Apharwat and Gulmarg-Khilanmarg trekking paths are popular surrounded by trekking enthusiasts.

Excursions from Gulmarg

  1. Srinagar - (56Km.)
  2. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves - (48Km.)
  3. Alpather Lake - (13Km.)
  4. Ferozpore Nallah - (5Km.)
  5. Khilanmarg - (6Km.)
  6. Shrine Of Baba Reshi / Ziarat Of Baba Reshi
  7. The Ningli Nallah - (8Km.)

Gulmarg Hill Station Resorts and Hotels

Hotel / Resort Name Address
Alpine Ridge Gulmarg, Gulmarg
Grand Mumtaz Cottage Gulmarg, Gulmarg
Grand Mumtaz Resorts Gulmarg Near Gondola, Gulmarg 193403
Gulmarg Resort Gulmarg Resort, Gulmarg., Gulmarg 0
Heevan Retreat Near Disco Hut, Gulmarg 193403
Highlands Park Gulmarg, Gulmarg 193403
Hotel Affarwat Gulmarg, Gulmarg 000000
Hotel Green Heights Gulmarg, Gulmarg
Hotel Hilltop Hotel Hilltop, Near Gandola/ Cabal Car To Alphather Lake ( Adjoining) Gulmarg. Kashmir, Gulmarg 193402
Hotel Poshwan Tank Main Road, Gulmarg 190014
Hotel Zahgeer Continental 1st Point, Gulmarg 190014
Nedous Hotel Nedous Gulmarg - Kashmir, Gulmarg 0
Pine Palace Resort Gulmarg, Gulmarg
Royal Park Srinagar Rd, Gulmarg, Gulmarg 193402