Guilin to Yangshuo Cruise

Until the third century BC, Guilin was not part of China. Once it was made a part of China by the Qin dynasty, the place assumed strategic importance. During the reign of later rulers belonging to the Song and the Ming dynasties, it became the capital of the region. Around the time of the Second World War, Guilin was an important air base useful to launch attacks on the Japanese.

During the time of the Qin dynasty, Yangshuo came under the jurisdiction of the Guilin County.In the sixth century, Yangshuo was made a county.


  • Guilin is located on the west bank of the River Li in Guangxi Province.
  • It is the most attractive destination for tourists in Southern China.
  • This place is filled with the fragrance of osmanthus especially in summer and hence the name Guilin - “the forest of sweet osmanthus”.
  • In Guilin, one can find people from different ethnic groups such as the Han, Miao, Zhuang, Hui and Dong.
  • The protection of Guilin’s rich heritage and the beautiful natural scenery has been listed as a national priority by the government.
  • Yangshuo is famous for the many festivals that start in the month of May and continue through the end of the year.

Weather and Climate :

Guilin lies in the tropics and experiences a monsoon climate. January is the coldest month than the average temperature is 8° C. The hottest month is July when the average temperature is 28° C.Rainfall is recined during the months of May and June. The months between April and October are the best to visit Guilin. Yangshuo also has a climate similar to Guilin and therefore has identical weather conditions.

Things to See and Thigns to Do on the Guilin to Yangshuo Cruise

  • Once in Guilin, one must visit the Elephant Trunk Hill. The shape of this hill resembles that of an elephant drinking water.
  • Diecai Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Park are the other major attractions of Guilin.
  • The Guilin to Yangshuo cruise (China) on the River Li takes about 4 hours covering a stretch of 54 kms from Zhujiang Dock to Yangshuo.
  • In Yangshuo, hot air ballooning is very popular.
  • One can rent a bike and explore the Karst hills around Yangshuo.
  • West Street in Yangshuo, a mix of traditional as well as western elements is loved by the tourists.


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