Great Wall of China

The Chinese people were frequently attacked by nomadic tribes. The construction of the Great Wall was undertaken more than 2000 years ago by emperors of various Chinese dynasties as protection against these invasions. The first set of walls was built by the Qing dynasty in the third century BC. The Han and the Ming dynasties made some additions centuries later. The original purpose of the Great Wall (China) was however not served as it was not continuous but rather a collection of walls. So invaders like the Mongols had no difficulty in breaching the Great Wall. So the work at the Great Wall (China) was stopped. In later periods, peace was established with the Mongols rendering the wall redundant.

Some Interesting Facts

  • The Great Wall of China is 5500 miles long.
  • Different kinds of construction material were used in different periods. While the early builders in the Qin period used large stones, in the Han period compressed earth and wood were used. During the time of the Ming dynasty, wide moats were constructed to make the approach to the wall difficult.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall (China) cannot be seen from outer space.
  • It is a world heritage site.
  • Natural and manmade causes have reduced the length of the Great Wall and only 30% of the wall remains in good condition.

Great Wall of China Information

UNESCO World Heritage Site
State Party  China
Type Cultural
Criteria i, ii, iii, iv, vi
Reference 438
Region Asia-Pacific
Inscription History
Inscription 1987  (11th Session)


Great Wall of China
Traditional Chinese 長城
Simplified Chinese 长城
Literal Meaning long fortress
- Hanyu Pinyin Chángchéng
Alternative Chinese Name
Traditional Chinese 萬里長城
Simplified Chinese 万里长城
Literal Meaning The long wall of 10,000 Li (里)
- Hanyu Pinyin Wànlǐ Chángchéng

Weather and Climate :

Many of the famous sections of the great wall are located near Beijing. Summer temperatures are around 25° C. Rainfall occurs in the months of July and August. A visit in the fall would be rewarded with a beautiful multi-colored view of the mountains. The temperatures could range between 10 and 20° C. The winter season sees few tourists because of the extreme cold, as the temperature varies between 0 and 10° C. At this time of the year, one would get to see mountains bathed with snow.

Things to See and Things to Do at the Great Wall of China

Only certain sections of the Great Wall (China) are open to the public. Off them, Badaling is the most famous and attracts many international visitors. Mutianyu is a place of scenic beauty and would not be missed by a nature lover. For those who prefer roughness, Jinshanling and Simatai would be ideal. The adventurous people would prefer Jiankou.

Popular Great Wall Hiking Tours

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Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Tour Name: Jinshanling Great Wall One Day Hiking Tour.docx
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Huangyaguan Great Wall Tour Tour Name: One Day Hiking Tour to Huangyaguan Great Wall
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Simatai Great Wall Tour Tour Name: Simatai Great Wall & Jinshanling Great Wall Bus Tour
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