Grand Canal Venice

Venice is a beautiful state surrounded by waters and canals all over. It is located on the northern side of Italy. The capital city is Veneto. Venice is generally termed as the city of lovers, waters and bridges. It has about 118 islands but it is mostly famous because of its Canals. The city has about 150 canals and the most important among them is called The Grand Canal. It is about 3 kilometre broad and 2 mile long. It is lined with luxurious centuries old palazzos and ornate with Renaissance style of facades.


The origin of the Canals of Venice dates back to the 5th century when they first came into existence. It happened when the regional inhabitants built nascent Venice is somewhat a swampy, sparsely settled lagoon just in order so that they could easily escape the swords of the invading Barbarians.

Grand Canal Venice

Grand Canal Venice Facts

Some interesting facts about the canals of Venice are: They are completely responsible for managing the traffic in water with the help of the corridor management. If you visit the place you will find it filled with water taxis and water buses instead of the normal transportation that is by the means of roads. Motor boats are not allowed to travel in the small canals as they are very narrow, windy and it leads the traveller to the old city of Venice. It is seen here that people live in a complete different world. During the day time the city is completely crowded with tourists & visitors from all over the world just to experience the love and romance in the city of romance & waters.  

Grand Canal Venice Weather & Climate

The tourist season for Venice is long and extends from Easter till early October. Though there are some researches that show that Venice has never really had a season without tourist or low tourism. It is always flooded and over booked with tourists round the year. The best time to go to Venice depends completely on your interest as there are lot of events going there round the year. In regards of the climate Venice has a relative temperature. In July and August it is around 35 degree C. While in April, May, June, September and October the weather is considered to be the most pleasant one and the temperature ranges from 17 degree C to 24 degree C. whereas in winter that is the last few months or the beginning of the year the weather is relatively cool and it is often rainy. 

Grand Canal Venice in Things to Do and Things to See

Beside the Great Canal and water transportation there are other things and activities too present and offered by the city. They are:

  1. You can take a historical tour of the city and find some interesting monuments and museums to know more about the background of Venice and its establishment.
  2. There are various Landmarks of the city and they are amazing.
  3. Some art lovers can enjoy a different taste of Operas and shows in the city.
  4. Some religious sites too are situated in the city.
  5. Some famous bridges and water routes are also listed under the prime attraction list.
  6. A stroll around the city can be taken for a spectacular sightseeing.
  7. Shopping.
  8. Water Sports
  9. Beaches.

Canals of Venice are considered to be one of the primary attractions of Italy and lots of tourist does take time to visit the same. Now it is your turn.

Grand Canal Venice Hotels

S.No. Hotel Name Address Rent per Night
1 Hotel Antico Doge  Campo Ss Apostoli - Cannareggio 5643
Distance: 0.1 km / 0.1 mi
from $172.19 USD
2 Ca' Sagredo Campo Santa Sofia, 4198/99 Ca' D'Oro
Distance: 0.1 km / 0.1 mi
from $497.80 USD
3 Marconi  Calle San Polo 729
Distance: 0.2 km / 0.1 mi
from $276.30 USD
4 Locanda Poste Vecie  San Polo 1612
Distance: 0.2 km / 0.1 mi
from $208.09 USD
5 Hotel Rialto  San Marco 5149 Ponte Di Rialto
Distance: 0.2 km / 0.1 mi
from $188.37 USD
6 HOTEL AL GRASPO DE UA  San Marco 5094
Distance: 0.2 km / 0.1 mi
from $180.57 USD
7 Hotel Giorgione SS. Apostoli, 4587
Distance: 0.2 km / 0.1 mi
from $221.10 USD
8 Hotel Locanda Ovidius Calle del Sturion 677/A
Distance: 0.2 km / 0.1 mi
from $116.34 USD
9 San Giorgio Rio Terà della Mandola San Marco 3781
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $109.86 USD
10 Hotel San Cassiano Ca'Favretto Sestiere Di Santa Croce 2232
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $105.53 USD
11 Una Hotel Venezia Ruga Do Pozzi, 4173
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $258.52 USD
12 Hotel Giulietta Romeo  San Polo 1858 - Campo San Cassiano
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $107.30 USD
13 Hotel Ca'D'oro Corte Barbaro
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $129.41 USD
14 Cà Bragadin Carabba  Castello 6041 - Campo S.Marina
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $187.44 USD
15 Palazzo Bembo  Riva del Carbon, 4793 - 4785
Distance: 0.3 km / 0.2 mi
from $317.41 USD
16 Hotel Santa Marina Campo Santa Marina 6068
Distance: 0.4 km / 0.2 mi
from $245.61 USD
17 Hotel A LA Commedia San Marco 4596 A
Distance: 0.4 km / 0.2 mi
from $336.73 USD
18 Palazzina Grassi Calle Larga San Marco 3247
Distance: 0.4 km / 0.2 mi
from $609.06 USD
19 Hotel Canaletto Castello 5487
Distance: 0.4 km / 0.2 mi
from $248.87 USD
20 Residenza Ca' Foscolo  Castello 5526 - Campo De La Fava
Distance: 0.4 km / 0.3 mi
from $180.99 USD

Grand Canal Venice Itinerary

Right Side Left Side
Ponte Della Libertà
Santa Chiara ex-monastery (Police Headquarter) Railway area
Canale di Santa Chiara
Calatrava's bridge
Piazzale Roma vaporetto station Railway Department old seat
Rio Novo
Papadopoli Gardens
Rio della Croce
Palazzo Emo Diedo (Tirali, 17th century) Santa Lucia Station
Wool-cloth Weavers Guildhall
San Simeone Piccolo (18th century)
Palazzo Adoldo
Palazzo Foscari-Contarini Santa Maria di Nazareth or Chiesa degli Scalzi
Ponte Degli Scalzi
Rio Marin Ferrovia vaporetto station
Campo San Simeon Grande Palazzo Calbo Crotta
  Rio Tera' dei Sabbioni
Palazzo Gritti Palazzo Flangini (Giuseppe Sardi, 16th century)
Palazzo Corner Scuola dei Morti (Confraternity praying at funerals)
Palazzo Donà Balbi San Geremia (18th century)
Palazzo Zen Palazzo Labia (17th century, frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo)
Riva di Biasio vaporetto station Canale di Cannaregio
Palazzo Marcello Toderini Palazzo Emo
  Palazzo Querini
Rio di San Zan Degolà Palazzo Correr Contarini Zorzi
Palazzo Giovanelli Palazzo Gritti
Casa Correr San Marcuola (18th century, unfinished)
Traghetto Museo Traghetto San Marcuola
Fondaco dei Turchi (Venetian-Byzantine, Venetian Museum of Natural History) San Marcuola vaporetto station
Rio del Fondaco dei Turchi Rio di San Marcuola
Fondaco del Megio Ca' Vendramin Calergi (Mauro Codussi, Renaissance, 15th-16th century; Wagner died here; Casino winter seat)
Palazzo Belloni Battagia (Baldassare Longhena, Baroque, 17th century)
Rio di Ca' Tron
Ca' Tron (16th century, IUAV) Palazzo Marcello (Benedetto Marcello was born here)
Palazzo Duodo Palazzo Erizzo
Palazzo Priuli Bon Palazzo Soranzo Piovene
San Stae vaporetto station Palazzo Emo at Maddalena
San Stae (18th century) Palazzo Molin Querini
Gold Craftsmen Guildhall Rio della Maddalena
Rio della Rioda Palazzo and Palazzetto Barbarigo
Palazzo Coccina Giunti Foscarini Giovannelli  
Rio della Pergola Palazzo Gussoni Grimani Della Vida
Ca' Pesaro (Longhena, Baroque, 17th century, Museum of Modern Art) Rio di Noale
Rio di Ca' Pesaro (or delle Due Torri) Palazzetto da Lezze
Palazzo Donà Palazzo Boldù
Palazzo Correggio Palazzo Contarini Pisani
Ca' Corner della Regina (18th century; Caterina Cornaro was born in a previous palazzo on the same area)
Ca' Favretto (Giacomo Favretto lived here) Rio di San Felice
Rio di San Cassiano Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico (Pope Clement XIII was born here)
Palazzo Morosini Brandolin Palazzo Giusti
Fondamenta dell'Olio Ca' d'Oro (Gothic, 15th century, Galleria Franchetti)
Ca' d'Oro vaporetto station
Palazzo della Pretura Palazzo Giustinian Pesaro
Rio delle Beccarie Ca' Sagredo
Pescaria (Gothic Revival, 20th century) Campo Santa Sofia
Traghetto Pescaria Traghetto Santa Sofia
Campo della Pescaria Palazzetto Foscari
Palazzo Michiel dalle Colonne
Fabbriche Nuove (Sansovino, 16th century) Palazzo Michiel del Brusà
Palazzo Smith Mangilli Valmarana
Rio dei Santi Apostoli
Ca' da Mosto (Venetian-Byzantine, 13th century)
Palazzo Bollani Erizzo (Pietro Aretino lived here)
Rio di San Giovanni Crisostomo
Fabbriche Vecchie (Scarpagnino, 16th century) Campiello del Remer
Palazzo Civran
Palazzo Ruzzini
Rio del Fontego dei Tedeschi
Palazzo dei Camerlenghi (Renaissance, 16th century) Fondaco dei Tedeschi (16th century, Poste italiane seat in Venice)
Rialto Bridge
Palazzo dei Dieci Savi (Scarpagnino, 16th century) Riva del Ferro
Fondamenta del Vin Rialto vaporetto station
Palazzo Dolfin Manin (Sansovino, Renaissance, 16th century, Banca d'Italia Venice seat)
Rio di San Salvador
Palazzo Bembo (Gothic, 15th century; Pietro Bembo was born here)
Traghetto Rialto
Traghetto San Silvestro Ca' Loredan (Venetian-Byzantine, 13th century, Municipal seat)
Casa Ravà (Gothic Revival, 20th century) Ca' Farsetti (Venetian-Byzantine, 12th-13th century, Municipal seat)
San Silvestro vaporetto station Palazzo Cavalli
Palazzo Barzizza Palazzo Grimani di San Luca (Renaissance, 16th century, Appellate court)
Palazzo Giustinian Businello
Rio dei Meloni Rio di San Luca
Palazzo Papadopoli Palazzo Corner Contarini dei Cavalli
Palazzo Tron
Palazzo Donà Palazzo D'Anna Viaro Martinengo Volpi di Misurata
Palazzo Donà della Madoneta  
Rio della Madoneta Palazzo Querini Benzon
Palazzo Bernardo (Gothic, 15th century) Rio di Ca' Michiel
Palazzo Querini Dubois Palazzo Curti Valmarana
Palazzo Grimani Marcello Palazzo Corner Spinelli (Codussi, Renaissance, 15th century)
Ca' Cappello Sant'Angelo vaporetto station
Rio di San Polo Casa Barocci
Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza (16th century) Rio di Ca' Garzoni
Palazzo Pisani Moretta (Gothic, 15th century) Palazzo Garzoni
Palazzo Tiepolo Traghetto Garzoni
Palazzo Tiepolo Passi Fondaco Marcello
Palazzo Giustinian Persico Palazzo Corner Gheltoff
Rio di San Tomà Palazzo Mocenigo Casa Vecchia (16th-17th century; Giordano Bruno, Thomas Moore and Lord Byron stayed here)
Traghetto San Tomà
Palazzo Marcello dei Leoni
Palazzo Dolfin
San Tomà / Frari vaporetto station
Palazzo Dandolo
Palazzo Civran Grimani
Rio della Frescada Palazzo Contarini delle Figure (Andrea Palladio stayed here)
Palazzo Caotorta-Angaran
Palazzo Balbi (Vittoria, Renaissance with Baroque elements, 16th century; Government of Veneto seat) Palazzo Erizzo Nani Mocenigo
Rio di Ca' Foscari  
Ca' Foscari (Gothic, 15th century; University of Venice main seat) Palazzo Da Lezze
Palazzi Giustinian (Gothic, 15th century; Richard Wagner stayed here) Palazzo Moro-Lin
Ca' Bernardo
Palazzo Bernardo Nani Palazzo Grassi (Massari, Neoclassical, 18th century)
Ca' Rezzonico (Longhena, Massari; 17th-18th century; Museum of 18th century-Century Culture)
Rio di San Barnaba San Samuele
Palazzo Contarini Michiel San Samuele vaporetto station
Ca' Rezzonico vaporetto station Casa Francheschinis (20th century)
Traghetto San Barnaba Traghetto San Samuele
Palazzetto Stern Palazzo Malipiero
Rio Malpaga
Palazzo Moro ("Otello's house")
Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore (Gothic, 15th century)
Casa Mainella
Rio di San Trovaso
Palazzi Contarini degli Scrigni and Corfù Ca' del Duca
Rio del Duca
Palazzo Falier
Palazzo Mocenigo Gambara Palazzo Giustinian Lolin (Longhena, 17th century)
Palazzo Querini
Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Carità (Massari, 18th century; Gallerie dell'Accademia) Palazzo Civran Badoer Barozzi
Accademia vaporetto station Rio di San Vidal
Santa Maria della Carità (Gothic, 15th century; deconsecrated, now part of Gallerie dell'Accademia museum) Campo San Vidal
Ponte dell'Accademia
Palazzo Brandolin Rota (Toti dal Monte owned it) Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti (Gothic, 15th century; Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti)
Palazzo Contarini Dal Zaffo (Gothic and Renaissance elements, 15th century)
Palazzo Balbi Valier Palazzi Barbaro
Palazzo Loredan (Cini Foundation) Palazzo Benzon Foscolo
Rio di San Vio Palazzetto Pisani
Campo San Vio Rio del Santissimo
Palazzo Barbarigo (modern mosaics) Palazzo Succi
Palazzo Da Mula Casa Stecchini
Palazzo Centani Morosini  
Ca' Biondetti (Rosalba Carriera lived here) Casina delle Rose (Antonio Canova and Gabriele D'Annunzio worked here)
Palazzo Venier dei Leoni (Peggy Guggenheim Collection) Palazzo Corner della Ca' Granda (Sansovino, Renaissance, 16th century; Province of Venice and Prefect seat)
Rio delle Torreselle Rio di San Maurizio (Venice)
Palazzo Dario (Renaissance, 15th century) Palazzo Minotto
Palazzo Barbaro Wolkoff (Eleonora Duse lived here) Palazzo Barbarigo
Rio della Fornace Rio di Santa Maria Zobenigo
Palazzo Salviati Santa Maria del Giglio vaporetto station
Palazzo Orio Semitecolo Benzon Palazzo Venier Contarini
Traghetto S.Gregorio Traghetto S.Maria del Giglio
Casa Santomaso Palazzo Pisani Gritti
Palazzo Genovese (Gothic Revival, 19th century) Rio delle Ostreghe
San Gregorio ex-abbey Palazzo Ferro Fini (Regional Council of Veneto)
Rio della Salute
Salute vaporetto station Palazzo Contarini Fasan (Gothic , 15th century; "Desdemona's house")
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (Longhena, Baroque, 17th century) Palazzo Contarini
Palazzo Michiel Alvisi
Patriarchal Seminary Palazzo Badoer Tiepolo
Punta della Dogana Palazzo Treves de Bonfili
Rio di San Moisè
Hotel Bauer (Gothic Revival, 19th century)
Ca' Giustinian (Gothic, 15th century; municipal, Venice Biennale offices)
  Palazzo Vallaresso Erizzo
  Harry's Bar
  San Marco/Vallaresso vaporetto station
  Fonteghetto della Farina (Renaissance, 15th century)
  Venice Pavilion