Gibraltar Maps

Gibraltar is a British colony situated at the southern end of Andalusia, Spain. Gibraltar, a narrow peninsula is spread over an area of 6,843 square kilometers. As per the 2009 estimate, Gibraltar has a population of 29,431.

Gibraltar’s unusual position at the western entrance of the Mediterranean Sea has made it the focus of territorial power struggles. The shoreline of Gibraltar measures 7.5 miles in length. Gibraltar has two coast sides- the East Side and the West Side.

The East Side of Gibraltar consists of the colony of Sandy Bay and Catalan Bay. The West Side has a vast majority of population. While English is the official language of Gibraltarians, Spanish and other languages are also recognized. Gibraltar is located at 36 degree 11 degree north latitudes and 5 degree 22 degree west longitudes.

Gibraltar Climate:

Gibraltar has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild in Gibraltar with rainfall. The coldest month in Gibraltar is January with the temperature ranging from 11- 18 degree Celsius during the day and 9-14 degree Celsius during the night. Gibraltar experiences warm summers with the temperature ranging from 25-31 degree Celsius during the day and above 20 degree Celsius at the night. While the average annual temperature is 18 degree Celsius. The average sea temperature in Gibraltar is 22 degree Celsius.

Gibraltar Flora:

The Rock of Gibraltar grows more than 500 different species of flowering plants of which the native plants are palms, jacaranda, lavender, jasmine, clematis, honeysuckle, geraniums and bougainvillea. While the above are commonly found, the rare species include Gibraltar Candytuft and Gibraltar Sea Lavender.

Gibraltar Fauna:

Rabbits, foxes and bats are commonly found in Gibraltar. While Dolphins and Whales are usually seen in the Bay of Gibraltar, fishes can also be seen soaring above the water.
Several birds migrate to the Gibraltar Rock during spring and autumn. Peregrine, Falcons, Blue Rock Thrush and Barbary Partridge, Harriers, Hoopoes, Buzzards and Black Kytes breed in Gibraltar.

gibraltar map
Map of Gibraltar