Georgia Destinations

Georgia Destinations: Things You Can Do

The state of Georgia was formed out of a British settlement is the last of the 13 colonies of Great Britain. The place is termed as Georgia after the King Georgia II. The Blue Ridge Mountains are covering the north part of the state which gives the visitors ample attractions to be to. These mountains are a part of the long stretch of the Appalachian Mountains. The state is located in the wrinkled Alpine zone which has a climate similar to the tropical climate. With neighboring states like Florida, Alabama and Carolina, the culture of the state is diversified. The topography of Georgia is very contrasting to any other state of America. Atlanta is the top destination of the state as it is the capital and also the largest city of the state.

Georgia Attractions

Georgia has over the period of time gained a lot of tourists. It was successful in attracting many tourists from across the world and is now a major hub for most of the tourists. With neighbors like Florida and Alabama, it is bound to get many tourists from them. The place is filled with historic monuments and other beautiful destinations. Georgia destinations are one of the rare places where you can find all kinds of fun. If you planning to have a holiday trip to Georgia here is a list of destinations which will help you plan your trip more effectively.

  • Atlanta is without doubt on of the best cities which are present in Georgia. This city is the best destination where you can put up your base. Normally tourists first drop at Atlanta and then go ahead with other plans. Atlanta any how has many attractions within the city itself. The Metropolitan lifestyle is well flourished in the city and it has one of the best accommodations and food. It is the main hub for business and also holiday. The night life of the city is well noticed and as a non-local you are bound to enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Savannah is another major Georgia destination.  It is credited to be the first planned city of United States of America. There are lots of things which one can do in this city. The place is filled with loads of entertainment and it is not just for people. The Savannah River serves as a beautiful place to hang out. The climate of the city is very sultry but that doesn’t matter when you are planning to spend some quite time near the river. The resorts and the islands which are surrounding the city is the best place for any tourist who wants to venture around in Georgia.
  • Athens is another Georgia destination which many of the tourists prefer to go to. The serene city is well placed geographically with many historic monuments. The climate of the city is pretty humid as it is closer to the Mediterranean region. The Twilight races which are the bicycle races are the best event for the tourists. It has a unique culture of using bicycles more in the city then other automobiles.

Georgia Main Cities


Tbilisi Coordinates: 41°43′0″N 44°47′0″E
Tbilisi Country  Georgia
Tbilisi Established c. 479 A.D
Tbilisi Government
 - Mayor Giorgi (Gigi) Ugulava
Tbilisi Area
 - City v km2 (280.3 sq mi)
Tbilisi Highest Elevation 770 m (2,526 ft)
Tbilisi Lowest Elevation 380 m (1,247 ft)
Tbilisi Population (2010)
 - City 1,152,500
 - Density 1,587.5/km2 (4,111.5/sq mi)
 - Metro 1,485,293
Tbilisi Time Zone Georgian Time (UTC+4)
Tbilisi Area Code(s) +995 32
Tbilisi Website


Kutaisi Coordinates: 42°15′0″N 42°42′0″E
Kutaisi Country  Georgia
Kutaisi Mkhare Imereti
Kutaisi Government
 - Mayor Gia Tevdoradze
Kutaisi Area
 - Total 70 km2 (27 sq mi)
Kutaisi Population (2002)
 - Total 192,500
Kutaisi Time Zone Georgian Time (UTC+4)
Kutaisi Website


Batumi Coordinates: 41°39′0″N 41°39′0″E
Batumi Country  Georgia
Batumi Autonomous Republic Adjara
Batumi Government
 - Mayor Robert Chkhaidze
Batumi Elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Batumi Population (2008)
 - Total 123,500
Batumi Time Zone Georgian Time (UTC+4)
Batumi Website


Rustavi Coordinates: 41°32′0″N 45°00′0″E
Rustavi Country  Georgia
Rustavi Mkhare Kvemo Kartli
Rustavi Area
 - Total 60 km2 (23.2 sq mi)
Rustavi Population (2009)
 - Total 121 786
Rustavi Time Zone Georgian Time (UTC+4)
Rustavi Website