Georgia Culture

Georgia Culture
Culture of Georgia

The ethnicity and culture of Georgia is just a small part of that of the Southern United States that has developed from the combination of countryside Scots-Irish traditions with the customs of African slaves and Native Americans. Ever since the late 20th century regions of Northern, Central, and the Atlanta municipal region of Georgia have witnessed much development from folks travelling from the mid-west and north eastern sections of the U.S.A. and together with a lot of settlers from Latin America. Southern way of life is high up in the countryside of the Southern and the Appalachian regions of the state. Georgians contribute to an exclusive history with the other Southern states.

Georgia People

The citizens of Georgia are marked by their etiquettes and for being extremely devout. Georgia's civilization started off with its completion by British migrants after the beginning of the colony by James Edward Oglethorpe in 1732. The initial migrants were mostly in the form of English, the Scots-Irish, Salzburgers, Italians, Sephardic Jews, Moravians and Swiss, amongst various others. It is the merger of these different traditions, together with the arrival of African servants and their offsprings, which has shaped the contemporary society of the state and the recent Georgian.

Conventional Georgian characters consist of the conducts often known as "Southern generosity", a strong feeling of society and communal culture, and an idiosyncratic Southern vernacular. Georgia's Southern legacy formulates ; turkey and dressing a customary festival foodstuff during the times of both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Georgia Religions

Just like the rest of the South, Georgia is extremely devout and the major creed in the state is Christianity. In reality, 85% of Georgians are Christians with 76% of them are Protestant, 8% Catholic and 1% belong to Others; 13% of the inhabitants do not follow any religion and 2% are of a religion other than Christianity. Apart from this Georgia is the abode of quite a lot of significant spiritual places. Amongst them are Congregation Mickve Israel of Savannah, Georgia; Ebenezer Baptist Church of the Atlanta, Georgia; Kiokee Baptist Church of the Appling, Georgia; Shrine of the Black Madonna of the Atlanta; and Springfield Baptist Church of the Augusta, Georgia.

Georgia Cuisines

Georgia's food consists of a diversity of singular foodstuffs arraying from seafood, corn on the cob and chicken and dumplings to Brunswick stew, deep-fry chicken and cornbread. The other recognized and most savored foodstuffs in the state consist of pecans, peaches, and peanuts. 

Grilling the food is a much loved activity in Georgia, a pursuit essential to the state's ethnicity. In Georgia all kinds of animal meat are barbecued, however pork is the preferred meat across the state. Lots of people in Georgia roast the meat for backyard gatherings, for the 4 July, or on the occasion of homecomings and in all weathers. The Georgia General Assembly customarily conducts a "wild hog evening meal" prior to the governmental meetings and, barbecue fiesta can be discovered all through the state.

Georgia Literature

Georgia writings are different from that of the other places of the earth in the terms of its historical and geological backgrounds and the principles and morals it conveys to people who take pleasure in the state's literature. Stage show for instance Driving Miss Daisy are one illustration of Georgia's literary ethnicity whereas more renowned literary novels such as Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind and The Color Purple by Alice Walker are some other famous examples. Amongst the most appealing Southern literature genres is Southern Gothic, with such distinguished Georgia authors as Flannery O'Conner and Erskine Caldwell. Georgia's prose writers for example Sidney Lanier, non fiction authors like comedian Lewis Grizzard also share an important position in the state’s literature backdrop.

Lots of authors in Georgia have revisited the gone times to better recognize their current days and the disputes and problems Georgians face these days. A few of those writers are the likes of Raymond Andrews, Olive Ann Burns, Flannery O'Conner, Marion Montgomery, James Dickey, Mary Hood and Alice Walker. All of the above authors have penned down the past times of the state and the communal and political transformations in Georgia to generate tales about trust, salvation, ethnicity, and other significant subjects.

Georgia Arts

The arts and artists have inhabited the Georgian state ever since its early stages as a British Colony. Lots of artists, ranging from Jill Carnes to Marie Weaver refer to Georgia as their domicile and the Georgia Museum of Art situated in the University of Georgia's University grounds in Athens is the certified art museum of the state. The adorning arts, those which take in the making of ceramic objects, furniture, glass, metal work, and fabrics can be located all through the state. This kind of art is normally recognized by its area: Tidewater, Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Highlands. These areas were established at diverse phases of time in the history of the state.

Although very little instances are there in Georgia or in the United States, the records of arts during the periods of the eighteen and the nineteenth centuries in Georgia reflect the olden times of painting of the United States. A few early instances of paintings completed in Georgia are the watercolor portraits and the pencil drawings completed by Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck; the portrayal of James Habersham Sr. completed by the Swiss artist Jeremiah Theüs and John Abbott, a well-known watercolorist of flora and fauna.

Georgia Film
Year Filmed Project Title Project Type Location
1972 Deliverance Film Tallulah Gorge, Clayton and Rabun County
1976 Smokey and the Bandit Film McDonough, Jonesboro and Lithonia
1980 Escape from New York City Film Atlanta
1982 The Big Chill Film Atlanta
1986 Mosquito Coast Film Cartersville and Rome
1986 Friday 13th: Jason Lives Film Covington
1987 School Daze Film Atlanta
1989 Driving Miss Daisy Film Atlanta
1989 Glory Film Savannah and Jekyll Island
2010 "The Last Song" Film Tybee Island
List of Television Stations in Georgia
Area Served City ofLlicense VC RF Callsign Network
Albany Albany 10 10 WALB NBC
Albany Pelham 14 6 WABW-TV PBS
Albany Albany 31 12 WFXL Fox
Americus Dawson 25 8 WACS-TV PBS
Atlanta Atlanta 2 39 WSB-TV ABC
Atlanta Atlanta 5 27 WAGA Fox
Atlanta Athens 8 8 WGTV PBS
Atlanta Atlanta 11 10 WXIA-TV NBC
Atlanta Rome 14 51 WPXA-TV ION
Atlanta Atlanta 17 20 WPCH-TV Ind.
Atlanta Atlanta 30 21 WPBA PBS
Atlanta Athens 34 48 WUVG-TV UNI
Atlanta Atlanta 36 25 WATL MNT
Atlanta Atlanta 46 19 WGCL-TV CBS
Atlanta Atlanta 57 41 WATC ETV
Atlanta Monroe 63 44 WHSG-TV TBN
Atlanta Atlanta 69 43 WUPA CW
Augusta Augusta 6 42 WJBF ABC
Augusta Augusta 12 12 WRDW-TV CBS
Augusta Wrens 20 6 WCES-TV PBS
Augusta Augusta 26 30 WAGT NBC
Augusta Augusta 54 51 WFXG Fox
Columbus Columbus 3 15 WRBL CBS
Columbus Columbus 9 11 WTVM ABC
Columbus Columbus 28 23 WJSP-TV PBS
Columbus Columbus 38 35 WLTZ NBC
Columbus Columbus 54 49 WXTX Fox
Columbus Opelika AL 66 47 WLGA Ind.
Cordele Cordele 55 51 WSST-TV Ind.
Dalton Chatsworth 18 33 WNGH-TV PBS
Macon Macon 13 13 WMAZ-TV CBS
Macon Macon 24 16 WGXA Fox
Macon Cochran 29 7 WMUM-TV PBS
Macon Macon 41 40 WMGT-TV NBC
Macon Perry 58 32 WPGA-TV Ind.
Macon Macon 64 45 WGNM Ind.
Savannah Savannah 3 39 WSAV-TV NBC
Savannah Savannah 9 13 WVAN-TV PBS
Savannah Savannah 11 11 WTOC-TV CBS
Savannah Savannah 22 22 WJCL ABC
Savannah Hardeeville SC 28 28 WTGS Fox
Savannah Baxley 34 35 WGSA CW
Toccoa Toccoa 32 24 WNEG-TV Ind.
Valdosta Valdosta 44 43 WSWG CBS
Waycross Waycross 8 8 WXGA-TV PBS
Chattanooga TN Dalton 23 16 WELF-TV TBN
Jacksonville FL Brunswick 21 24 WPXC-TV ION
Tallahassee FL Thomasville 6 46 WCTV CBS
Tallahassee FL Bainbridge 49 50 WTLH Fox
Georgia Defunct Full-Power Stations
  • Channel 9: WROM-TV - NBC/CBS/ABC/DuMont - Rome (1953-12/1957)
  • Channel 36: WQXI-TV - Atlanta (10/13/1954-5/31/1955)
  • Channel 36: WATL-TV (original) - Atlanta (8/16/1969-3/30/1971)
  • Channel 44: WVGA - ABC - Valdosta (12/24/1980-11/6/1992)
  • Channel 47: WNEX-TV - Macon (8/25/1953-5/31/1955)
Georgia LPTV Stations
  • Channel 16: WBEK-CA - (independent) - Augusta
  • Channel 16: WCGT-LP - (independent/CTN) - Columbus
  • Channel 33: WCAG-CA - (independent) - LaGrange
  • Channel 46: WPHJ-CA - (independent) - Ailey/Vidalia