Gardens in Colorado

Gardens in Colorado

The botanical gardens in Colorado are listed among the best gardens in the country. Here is a list of some of the most popular gardens in Colorado.

Garden of Gods:

Located in Colorado Springs, this is the best garden in Colorado. The garden has ancient rock formations, wildlife and vegetation. In addition it offers a magnificent view of the Pike’s Peak. The garden also has the Rampart Reservoir and the Woodland Park inside it. One can indulge in miles and miles of hiking in these 1300 acres of garden area. The trails along the paved routes are accessible even to those bound by the wheel chair.

Chester M Alter Arboretum:

Situated in the University of Denver campus, this garden features a living fossil forest within it. The garden has many species of plants close to those that have now been fossilized in the Rocky Mountains. The garden also includes a water garden with native water lilies and many other exotic aquatic plants.

Denver Botanic Gardens:

Located in Denver, this garden is spread over 23 acres in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. The garden features amazing displays of plants and preserves the natural resources of the state.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens:

Situated in the scenic locales of Vail, this garden has the distinction of being the world’s highest botanical garden. The garden is located in the Rocky Mountains, at a height of 8200 feet above sea level. It features all the high altitude plants and exhibits them in natural and landscaped forms. The garden preserves about 2000 plant varieties mostly belonging to alpine environs.

Hudson Gardens:

The garden is located in Littleton and is spread over 30 acres of land. The garden features trees, flowers and plants from dry prairies to wetlands close to the river.

Montrose Botanic Gardens:

Situated in Montrose this garden is more of a horticultural exhibit than a garden, that was established to educate the people of the neighboring areas about all aspects of horticulture.

Shambhala Botanic Gardens:

The garden is a huge one spread over 600 acres in the Shambhala mountain center in Red feather lakes, Colorado. The garden is situated at 8000 feet above the sea level and represents several climate zones featuring plant species of the Rocky Mountains.

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens:

The garden is located in Grand Junction and is a small one spread over 12 acres of land. Its main attraction is the native butterflies that are housed in its Butterfly house. The facility is improving year on year and attracts many tourists and visitors.

Yampa River Botanic Park:

Being one of the smallest gardens with a size of 6 acres located in Steamboat Springs at an elevation of 6800 feet, it has some 40 small gardens sponsored by the public.