Gardens in Alaska

Alaska and its forests contribute to the rich flora and fauna of its landscape. Gardens are another way to exhibit its natural treasure comprising of flowers, trees and herbs native to this region. There are 3 well known botanical gardens in Alaska. They are listed below:

Alaska Botanical Garden (ABG):

 The first name that emerges in the gardens of Alaska is Alaska Botanical Garden. Located in Anchorage, this garden was thrown open to public in the year 1993. It comprises of about 110 acres of which only 11 acres are cultivated; rest is all a part of the naturally growing flora. The garden also has wild life sightings such as moose and sometimes even bears. The garden features an herb garden, a rock garden and a wild flower garden in addition to the perennial gardens. It also features nature trails for the visitors.

Georgeson Botanical Garden (GBG):

Another popular garden in Alaska is the Georgeson. Located in Fairbanks, this botanical garden forms a part of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus. It is a humble 5 acre garden that was developed to support research programs on subarctic cultivation. Unlike ABG, this is garden is open to public only in the summer months between May and September. A major part of the research here is oriented towards flowering plants that are being grown around this area for export purposes. Another area of focus at GBG revolves around the native vegetation and ornamental plants that contribute to the economy of the region.

Jensen-Olson Arboretum:  

The garden is situated in Juneau and is spread over an area of nearly 14 acres to form the coastal landscape. It has a vast forest as its backdrop. This garden is developed with the vision of providing education on landscaping, horticulture and natural sciences to the locals.  Thus, it is an exhibition of the natural flora of the region and aims at preserving them. It is open throughout the year between Wednesday and Sunday.

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