Fresno Attractions


  • Fresno is one of the largest cities of California and is located in the County Seat of Fresno County.
  • The place in the expansive Central Valley has large number of attractions for tourists and native people for recreation, knowledge and cultural exchange.

Aim to Visit

  • Whether you are a tourist or a native the place has always something to do, to visit.
  • Let’s have a quick look at some of the famous Fresno attractions and see what these places have to offer you during your holidays.

Where to Go-What to Do

Let’s start with something which is always the major area attractiveness for all tourists.

Fresno Metropolitan Museum

  • Fresno Metropolitan Museum has different centers inside but the one which can really woo you is the Fresno Bee Building, the historic museum.
  • You will have a close interaction with the history of the place and would be moved by the display of Fresno Metropolitan Museum rich culture.

Fresno Grand Opera

  • If you visit Fresno you can’t afford to miss Fresno Grand Opera world famous gala opera.
  • Fresno Grand Opera is known for their world class concerts and internationally accolade operas.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

  • This spectacular underground gardens in the northwest part of the city has nearly hundred chambers, courts, passageways and patios.
  • You will simply be mesmerized by the creation of Forestiere Underground Gardens which has fruit bearing trees planted below the ground protrude.
  • Forestiere Underground Gardens without any doubt display the non traditional vernacular architecture.
  • A place of must visit in Fresno.

Rogue Festival

  • If you ever visit Fresno during the month of March don't forget to visit the non-juried arts festival.
  • You will find independent artists and performers and the event is full of music, films, dance and theater.
  • The festival is some typical elements of Fringe Festival.

Christmas Tree Lane

Another magical Fresno attraction takes place during December. This stretch of Van Ness Boulevard between Shields and Shaw Aves is literally transformed into a fairy land with complete decoration of more than 300 hundred trees and 140 houses. You jaw will simply drop down while you pass the 3 Km long display.

Chaffee Zoological Gardens

Chaffee Zoological Gardens is a place for complete family recreation and fun. You can undertake on overnight Safari to experience the nocturnal animals and their habitat. You have lots of things to do here like camel rides, exhibition of Chimpanzees, grizzly bear exhibitions and much more.

More Attractions

There are lots of other Fresno attractions like:

  • Warnors Theatre
  • Arte Américas
  • Fresno Philharmonic
  • Fresno Arts Council's monthly Art Hop
  • Save Mart Center, Fall Wine Cornucopia
  • Fresno Art Museum
  • Fresno Filmworks
  • Fresno Reel Pride
  • Blossom Trail
  • Simonian Farms