France Maps

Located between Spain and Belgium, France borders the English Channel and Bay of Biscay. Located in the southeast of the United Kingdom, France lays on latitude 46 degrees north and longitude of 2 degrees east. The beautiful city France is spread over an area of 547,030 sq km. France shares borders with North Sea and the Strait of Dover lie in the north, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany is located in the north-east. Switzerland and Italy are located in the east. Ligurian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of Lion are located in the south-east. Spain lies in the south. Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay is located in the west. English Channel falls in the north-west of the country.

France is made up of Paris, and other major cities are Arras, Eure, Laon, Quimper, Tours, Belfort, Vannes, Blois, Sain Lo, Vesoul, Macon, Bourg, Annecy, Gueret, Angouleme, Grenoble, Perigueux, Rodez, Tarbes, Perpignan and Foix.

People of France

Roman Catholicism has been the dominant religion of France with French being the official language.

France Climate

There are four types of climates in France. In the west, maritime temperature can be found. In mountain areas, winters are cold. In north France, summers are warm while it experiences colder winters. France’s climate can be divided into Oceanic, Continental and Mediterranean.

France Maps