Fort Myers Travel


A visit to Florida in the United States without a trip to Fort Myers is simply not worth it. Fort Myers is famous for being rich in its history, tradition and the vivid natural beauty that the city displays. Each year a significant number of tourists make visits to this resort destination, which offers wonderful white sandy beaches, national parks, and the cultural festivals that are truly a feast for the eyes. The city nicknamed as the City of Palms was the home of two most notable American personalities in the history, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Both these two inventors had lived as neighbours in this city which was once known as the Cow Town during the 1800 hundreds.

The city also offers an array of other attractions and sightseeing destinations, which is why it is a must for every traveller not to miss Fort Myers travel during their visit to the United States.

The Edison and Ford Homes

Today, the tourists can visit the estates of the two successful American scientists, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, of which one of them was the founder of today's automobile and the other being the inventor of light, without which, nothing what we see today would have been possible. Both the scientists had lived side by side at the Fort Myers McGregor Boulevard. The Seminole Lodge was the home of Edison that was built in the ancient Victorian Architectural pattern, which contains a laboratory of the late scientist, where the visitor can still view some early light bulbs invented by Edison. The estate that had been used byHenry ford is known as the Mangoes and it still contains some of the ancient furniture dated back from the 1916. The gate that separates the estates is known as the Friendship Gate, which was built by the scientists, in honour of their mutuality. The site is a must visit for all tourists and it is open everyday from 9:30 till 5:30. The visit requires some charge from the visitors and the amount differs from the adults to that of the children. Apart from cash pay, the place also accepts MasterCard or credit card payments.

Lovers Key State Park

This place is popular for being one of the most exquisite destinations in Florida. Widely known as the Lovers Key, is situated between the Black Island and the Bonita Sea, is one beautiful site blessed with the beauty of the nature. The 700 acres long stretch of this famous State park offers a rich plethora of wildlife that includes marsh rabbits, dolphins, roseate spoonbills and West Indian manatees. This place is great for picnics, hiking, swimming, exploring, sunbathing or simply a day off from the bustling life. It is open everyday from 8am till the sunset and the park allows entries of vehicles on pay. However payment has only in cash.

Light House Beach Park

The place is wonderful for the travellers who are looking forward for a lazy day on a wonderful beach, sunbathing or walking along the white sands on the shore. The presence of a lighthouse nearby, gives the tourists the feelings of adventure and a wonderful view from the beach. The tourists can explore around the park using the trail tracks and the boardwalks around the lighthouse for further adventurous activity. Fishing is yet another activity that the tourists can indulge in this park. The park is open everyday from sunrise till sunset and provides parking spaces on pay.

Nightlife in Fort Myers

Besides the excellent beaches and the wonderful natural beauty, tourists can also enjoy an exquisite nightlife in the city of Fort Myers during their visit. A wide range of nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and bars are scattered around the city, crowded with both the local and the tourist populations. Brick Bar and Skybar are two wonderful bars located within the city, offering a wide range of entertainment including Karaoke nights, dance parties and excellent live performances by world-class DJs. Both the bars are situated in the Harolds building and they are open daily from evening till late night. Payment can be done with VisaCard, MasterCard, American Express Card or simply by cash.

Bonita Bistro and Bar is a famous restaurant located near the Bonita Beach, offers some exquisite dishes to indulge in. Some of the exotic specialities of this restaurant bring in the locals and the travellers to this eating spot. Payment is accepted in various forms, such as MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express.