Forests of Alaska

Alaska is known for its wilderness and untouched natural beauty. It is home to a variety of animals and plants that are found nowhere else in the world. Alaska is home to the 2 largest national forests of USA and 8 national parks too.

Chugach National Forest

Spread across 5.4 million acres, this forest is situated in south central part of Alaska. The forest is mostly covered in rock and ice. Technically, it qualifies as a temperate rain forest. Its natural habitat includes pine trees and animals such as moose, elk, black bear and wolves.

Tongass National Forest

It is the largest national forest in Alaska. It occupies almost all of the South eastern part of Alaska. Eagles, beavers, bears and freshwater fish like Salmon and Halibut are part of this wildlife habitat.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve

is home to the Dall sheep, Coyotes, bears, caribou, mountain goats seals, sea lions, otters, porpoises and whales

Denali National Park & Preserve

is famous for grizzly bear and the magnificent view of Mt. McKinley along with Muldrow Glacier. Bull Moose, ptarmigan and wolves are some of the animal sightings in this park.

Katmai National Park

is located in the southern part of Alaska and surrounds Mount Katmai. It shelters the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes and still has about 14 active volcanoes in its fold.

Lake Clark National Park

provides breathtaking views of the glaciers and their reflections in the lake. Caribous, roving bears and sea birds add to the beauty of this dense tundra forest.

Gates of the Arctic National Park

is situated in the northern most and holds six rivers in its fold. Grizzly bears and wolves are the inhabitants of this park.

Kobuk Valley National Park

is a peculiar park that houses a river and sand dunes. The park is full of bears and can take one by surprise.

Kenai Fjords Park

is the smallest national park in Alaska and houses harbor seals, lynx, black bears and the famous bald eagle.

Glacier Bay National Park

is close to the capital of Alaska and includes a variety of wild life from bears to the whales.

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