Forests in Arizona

Arizona Forests

Arizona State located in the United States of America has many National Parks, beaches and historical monuments but has only 6 major forests- Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests, Coconino National Forest, Coronado National Forest, Kaibab National Forest, Prescott National Forest and Tonto National Forest.

Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests

Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests is a sickle-shaped semicircle to the diagonal of east-central Arizona’s highlands spanning the high-altitude country of Mogollon Plateau and the White Mountains. This part of Arizona State has very less similitude to the waterless, scorched-sun deserts of Southern Arizona. The temperature in Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests is also cool with Douglas-fir and ponderosa-pine forests, green fields’ crop by elk and pronghorn.

Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest is countryside scenery of stark contrasts and deserts that suddenly paves way to ponderosa pine. The even and smooth lands of Coconino National Forest subsist with the alpine tundra and ancient volcanic peaks. The land is intuitive and full of color with red rocks, sandstone buttes, crimson cliffs, stone spires, and river-sliced canyons are a pleasure to the eyes. The green mountains of the forest act as air conditioners to the nearest places.

Coronado National Forest

Coronado National forest has low temperature where abundant water, wildlife flora and fauna are found in a forest. This national forest shields 12 of southeastern Arizona’s “sky islands”. Coronado National Forest hosts spectacular views and offers its visitors with all four season’s temperature in a day’s journey. These mountains are a playground for outdoor leisure plus hiking, mountain biking and world’s best bird-watching.

Kaibab National Forest

The Kaibab National Forest is located on the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon and its two halves are divided by the narrow valley. North Kaibab differs significantly from the Kendrick’s Peak of South Kaibab in the lower desert area. The Kaibab highland is an “island” of forest land bordered by sea and grasslands. In 1893, a major part of the plateau was set aside as Grand Canyon Forest Reserve but in 1908; it was later renamed as the Kaibab National Forest.

Prescott National Forest

Prescott National Forest is located in Central Arizona and span across Sonoran Desert and the Bradshaw Mountains. Prescott National Forest is widespread with western traditions like Lonesome Pocket, Yellowjacket Gulch, Grief Hill and Horsethief Basin.

Tonto National Forest

Tonto National Forest is situated near the heart of Arizona. This forest is cauldron of rear-end ecology i.e. a meeting place of deserts and mountain, saguaro cactus surrendering to ponderosa pine with a view of earth touching the sky. This forest is spread across three million acres in Arizona State and is the fifth major national forest in America.