Florida Travel

Florida is known as the Sunshine State. They are famous for the NASCAR auto racing, Jimmy Buffet, South Beach. Florida is the place where recreation is just fit for every body. What else would you want to visit in Florida? Well this is the place that everybody would just be fascinated to tour. So let's talk how good it is here in Florida, this is a 170,000 square meter land with 16 million people. Culture has it that people would be so crazy to live here in this state because of their top of the worlds tourist attractions.

They have been blessed with so many appealing spots to attract the travelers and visitors as well, things like the Everglades and the famous Disney World who can ever forget that place especially for kids and kids at heart. This is just the introduction of the state known as Florida, tourist favorites have been let's enumerated.

World of Disney

Only one word comes to mind when you said that you will be going to Disney World and that is magic. Magical land of fairies, with the castles and magical kingdoms, . This will be the perfect travel destination for those who cannot resist seeing the magic that comes because of the splendid surroundings, fun, and excitement of this fairytale land. Despite the fact that this place can be very fun and terrific it comes also with great price. They have the kingdom that is featured with resorts, rides, and all the seven fantasy areas that will be not attracted by the Disney characters and those fun filled attractions.

Orlando Florida

Aside from the Walt Disney World Resort, this place have various features to offer travelers the best attractions to please every one who would like to go in this place. They have the Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World Orlando. This is a very vast theme park filled with spots that would surely be a hit for the tourist or visitors of the place. This is one of the progressive city filled with business establishments, in the previous year they have opened five department stores and a shopping mall that has a 50 million square feet in Central part of Florida.

St. Augustine

Are you searching for a very historic spot in Florida? Then St. Augustine must be the perfect spot for you and your family. This ancient, historical, old will be a very significant place to go to. This reminisce the old historical attractions within the antique monuments that this place has to offer. Appreciating the historical theme with this modern-day journey this will not be imagined by historic explorers. With this unparalleled theme areas this is bringing the very wonderful experience in reminiscing the past. They have the alligator farm, Anastasia State Park, Bridge of Lions, Casa Monica Hotel, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Cathedral of St. Augustine, Flagler College, this is the former Ponce de Leon Hotel, Fort Matanzas National Monument and many more attractions found in St. Augustine.

Miami Florida

This place is very rich with natural resources that every floral admirer would love to come back in this place. They have several features like the everglades; it is a park that is inhabited with rare species like the American Crocodile, Florida Panther and the Indian Manatee. They also have the Miami South Beach where it is the prime spot for travelers and tourists alike because of their ever majestic locality. The Miami Metrozoo, this zoo is more and more progressing to be a hot tourist destination in Florida, they are keeping the different species of animals that tourist would be glad to look at. The Seaquarium, is Florida's great attraction were dolphins and whales fly in the air for exhibition this would be great opportunity for kids with their families enjoying such a great opportunity to have fun and relax seeing such magnificent views of the bay. This is very educational, fun filled and inspirational experience in Miami South Florida. Coral Castle, this is the appealing monument built on the last 28 years by Ed Leedskalnin. Parrot Jungle Island filled with very exciting, educational, and has the close up look with your favorite friends like the parrots. Miami Children Museum, this place has a fun and learning opportunities for your kids, with their motto, "Play, Learn, Imagine, and Create."