Florida Destinations

Florida Destinations

The Land of Beaches

Florida is one of the most visited states by tourists. People from all around the globe come to Florida to experience the sun and the ocean waters.  It is located at the southern tip of USA. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean is in the western part of the state. The Caribbean is on the south which also is filled with beach life. This is known as the “Sunshine State” because of its tropical climate. The warm sun and the cool breeze of the ocean is the theme that fills the air of Florida. Florida destinations are dominated by the Miami Beach, Panama City and the Dayton Beach. There is nothing more perfect then spending your summer vacations in the beautiful state of Florida.

Destinations in Florida

Keeping apart the beaches you can also find entertainment for your kids as this is also the home for Disney World. This state is the perfect state for vacation as there are many modes of entertainment which will make your trip worthwhile. It is the fourth most populated state which doesn’t come as a surprise. Once you have been to this state the thought of settling down in this state surely comes across your mind, such is the charm of the state. Here is a list of most absorbing Florida destinations –

Disney World

Disney World without doubt has charmed with its magic not only on screen but also off-screen. One of the very first amusement parks which broke the barriers of imagination and bought the 2-dimensional world into the 2-dimensional world. It attracts more than a million tourists from all across the globe. For the reputation it has earned over the years, planning a trip to Disney World can prove a little heavy on your pockets. But, keeping that apart you can have one of the most exciting trips to the enchanted world with your kids as it is not every day that you see a 10-foot Mickey Mouse handing your kids some candies!

Disney World Attractions

Disney World Theme Parks

  • Magic Kingdom – Cinderella Castle
  • Epcot – Spaceship Earth
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios – The Sorcerer's Hat
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom – The Tree of Life

Disney World Water Parks

  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach

Disney World Other Attractions

  • Downtown Disney
  • Disney's BoardWalk
  • Disney's Wedding Pavilion
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  • Walt Disney World Speedway


The heart of all partying in the world. It was once rated the No.1 vacation destination in the world! After the recent rise of the Dubai tourism, Miami came down from its No.1 spot. But even then no one can take away the natural beauty Miami has in offer for its visitors. The hot sand and the ocean waters makes your forget your home! The palm trees which spread all over the beach and the water surfing which you can do on the crystal clear water is the life which you can expect. You have tourists of all ages in this place. Tattoos, celebrities, fashion and many more things come together at one place and that is MIAMI!

Miami Information

Miami Coordinates: 25°47′16″N 80°13′27″W
Miami Country United States
Miami State Florida
Miami County Miami-Dade
Miami Settled 1825
Miami Incorporated July 28, 1896
Miami Named for Mayaimi
Miami Government
 - Type Mayor-Commissioner Plan
 - Mayor Tomás Regalado (I)
 - City Manager Pedro G. Hernandez
 - City Attorney Julie O. Bru
 - City Clerk Priscilla Thompson
Miami Area
 - City 55.27 sq mi (143.1 km2)
 - Land 35.68 sq mi (92.4 km2)
 - Water 19.59 sq mi (50.7 km2)
 - Urban 1,116.1 sq mi (2,890.7 km2)
 - Metro 6,137 sq mi (15,894.8 km2)
Miami Elevation 6 ft (2 m)
Miami Population (2009)
 - City 433,136 (42nd)
 - Density 12,139.5/sq mi (4,687.1/km2)
 - Metro 5,547,051
 - Demonym Miamian
Miami Time Zone EST (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Miami ZIP Code 33101-33102, 33107, 33109-33112, 33114, 33116, 33119, 33121-33122, 33124-33170, 33172-33190, 33193-33197, 33199, 33222, 33231, 33233-33234, 33238-33239, 33242-33243, 33245, 33247, 33255-33257, 33261, 33265-33266, 33269, 33280, 33283, 33296, 33299
Miami Area Code(s) 305, 786
Miami FIPS Code 12-45000
GNIS Feature ID 0295004
Miami Website http://www.ci.miami.fl.us/


Orlando is not just about Disney World. It has many more things to it other than the fantasy land. The Universal Orlando is another place you want to definitely go to. The house of all the Hollywood movie productions is the best place where you can be. If you are visiting this place then make sure you take your camera along as you may bump into the biggest stars of Hollywood. The SeaWorld Orlando is also another major Florida Destination. Resorts are other major attractions of Florida.

Orlando Information

Orlando Coordinates: 28°32′37″N 81°22′22″W
Orlando Country  United States
Orlando State  Florida
Orlando County  Orange
Orlando Settled 1875
Orlando Government
 - Mayor Buddy Dyer (D)
Orlando Area
 - City 101.0 sq mi (261.5 km2)
 - Land 93.5 sq mi (242.2 km2)
 - Water 7.5 sq mi (19.3 km2)
Elevation 98 ft (34 m)
Population (2009)
 - City 235,860 (80th)
 - Density 2,282.36/sq mi (951.77/km2)
 - Metro 2,082,628
  2009 estimates
Orlando Time Zone EST (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Orlando ZIP Code 32801-32899
Orlando Area Code(s) 321, 407
Orlando FIPS Code 12-53000
GNIS Feature ID 0288240
Orlando Website www.cityoforlando.net

Daytona Beach

The beach which is spread on a white carpet is an amazing place to spend your vacation. The beach with white sand spread all over and blue green water is an amazing place for you to go with your family. It is also the best place for honeymooners who would like to nurture the sun together. It is filled with lot of activities which will entertain elders and kids alike.

Daytona Beach Information

Location in Volusia County and the State of Florida
Daytona Beach Coordinates: 29°12′26″N 81°02′16″W
Daytona Beach Country  United States
Daytona Beach State  Florida
Daytona Beach County  Volusia
Daytona Beach Incorporated July 1876
Daytona Beach Government
 - Type Commission-Manager
 - Mayor Glenn Ritchey
 - City Manager James Chisholm
Daytona Beach Area
 - City 64.93 sq mi (168.2 km2)
 - Land 58.68 sq mi (152.0 km2)
 - Water 6.25 sq mi (16.2 km2)  9.6%
Daytona Beach Elevation 9 ft (3 m)
Daytona Beach Population (1 July 2008)
 - City 64,211
 - Density 1,092.6/sq mi (421.9/km2)
 - Metro 496,575
Daytona Beach Time Zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Daytona Beach ZIP Code 32114-32126, 32198
Daytona Beach Area Code(s) 386
Daytona Beach FIPS Code 12-16525
GNIS Feature ID 0281353
Daytona Beach Website http://www.ci.daytona-beach.fl.us/

Panama City

Redneck Rivera is the other name of Panama City. In 1995, it was rated as the best beach in the world by renowned geologist Dr. Stephen Leatherman. It has a 27 miles stretch of beach along the Gulf of Mexico. It is famous for its sparkling white sand and the green water. If you are planning to have a long vacation with your family then this is the place which you would like to see yourself in. There is amazing scope for entertainment and shopping.

Panama City Information

Panama City Coordinates: 8°59′N 79°31′W
Panama City Country  Panama
Panama City Province Panama
Panama City District Panama
Panama City Foundation August 15, 1519
Panama City Founder Pedro Arias de Ávila
Panama City Government
 - Mayor Bosco Vallarino
Panama City Area
 - City 275 km2 (106.2 sq mi)
 - Metro 2,560.8 km2 (988.7 sq mi)
Panama City Elevation 2 m (7 ft)
Panama City Population (2010)
 - City 439,642
 - Density 2,750/km2 (7,656/sq mi)
 - Metro 1,272,599
HDI (2007) 0.780 – high
Panama City Website www.municipio.gob.pa

The Keys

The string of islands which has become the Mecca of fishing and diving is present in the Overseas Highway. It is soon becoming one of the most visited Florida destinations. The town is very famous for the Key West charm which fills the air of the town. People who love water sports can relish their stay in the Keys as there are number of water sports which one can take part in. scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and camping are the most popular activities.

Key West Information

Key West Coordinates: 24°33′33″N 81°47′2.51″W
Key West Country  United States
Key West State  Florida
Key West County  Monroe
Key West Government
 - Type Council-Manager
 - Mayor Craig C. Cates
Key West Area
 - Total 7.4 sq mi (19.2 km2)
 - Land 5.9 sq mi (15.4 km2)
 - Water 1.5 sq mi (3.8 km2)  19.73%
Key West Elevation 3 ft (1 m)
Key West Population (2000)
 - Total 25,478
 - Density 4,285.0/sq mi (1,654.5/km2)
 - Metro density 32.4/sq mi (12.5/km2)
Key West Time Zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Key West ZIP Codes 33040, 33041, 33045
Key West Area Code(s) 305
Key West FIPS Code 12-36550
GNIS feature ID 0294048
Key West Website http://www.keywestcity.com

St. Augustine

This is the most romantic Florida Destinations you can be in. The old charm of the town will mesmerize you to the core. There are some of the unique attractions which you will not find anywhere else in Florida. The historical monuments and the beaches will make your partner fall more in love with you. To rejuvenate your love, St. Augustine is the best place you can go to.

St. Augustine City Information

St. Augustine Coordinates: 29°53′39.35″N 81°18′47.55″W
St. Augustine Country  United States
St. Augustine State  Florida
St. Augustine County St. Johns
St. Augustine Established 1565
St. Augustine Government
 - Mayor Joseph L. Boles
St. Augustine Area
 - City 27.8 km2 (10.7 sq mi)
 - Land 21.7 km2 (8.4 sq mi)
 - Water 6.1 km2 (2.3 sq mi)
St. Augustine Elevation 1.52 m (5 ft)
St. Augustine Population (2007)
 - City 12,284
 - Density 534.7/km2 (1,384.9/sq mi)
 - Metro 1,277,997
St. Augustine Time Zone EST (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
St. Augustine Area Code(s) 904
St. Augustine Website http://www.staugustinegovernment.com/