Florida Culture

Florida Culture

The State of Florida:

The state of Florida is situated in the southeastern region of the United States. It shares borders with Alabama on the northwest and Georgia on the north.

On March 3rd 1845, Florida became the 27th state to be included in the United States of America.

Florida is popularly known as The Sunshine State because it experiences a mix of tropical and sub tropical climatic conditions.

The Culture of Florida is diverse and special because it houses a combination of people from many different places and cultural backgrounds. Throughout the state, different cultures co-exist harmoniously.

The Culture of Florida is a blend of Native Americans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Greeks, Asians, African Americans, White Americans and many other ethnic groups. This proud heritage and the people of Florida help in making the state of Florida an amazing place to live and to visit.

Florida Cultural Facts

The state of Florida has been largely influenced by the Native American culture. By virtue of Florida being a border-sharing and coastal state, the impact on its culture by a large number of immigrant populations from Latin America and Europe is enormous. Florida is a cultural mishmash as well as an international destination for tourists in the United States. The Miami Beach, St. Augustine, Walt Disney World's magic kingdom are some of the famous tourist destinations.

Since Florida is one of the Southern states, it has been extensively influenced by southern culture of the United States of America. For the most part in Panhandle, North Central Florida, the First Coast, Central Florida and the Florida Heartland, southern culture remains a major influence to the state of Florida.

The Culture of Florida recently, has experienced an increasing influence from the cultures of people moving in from overseas and from other parts of the United States. The immigrants bring in with them their own culture and traditions which blend perfectly with the culture of Florida. This then maximizes the cooperation between the locals and the immigrant population of the state.

Florida’s culture is also influenced by its economy. The tourism industry is the most productive and profitable industry for Florida’s economy. A large number of tourists visit Florida every year to enjoy the beaches and the weather which has led to a notable rise in the culture and economy of Florida.

Florida Languages

The public education system of the State of Florida has recognized over 200 first languages other than English which are spoken in the homes of Florida. Some of the languages spoken in Florida include English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese and Arabic. It was found in a survey that 74.54% of Florida residents spoke English at home followed by Spanish which was second at 18.65%. It is a well known fact that language influences the culture of a place; and such is the case of Florida as well.

Sporting events bring the people together and thus, sport activities in Florida have an influence over the culture of Florida. The State of Florida has skilled and professional teams in all major sporting events, like Olympic Games, collegiate tournaments and school-level championships, and also in individual sports. The State of Florida has a team in four out of the five major professional leagues.

Florida Religion

In Florida, the three largest religious groups are the Catholic, the Evangelical Protestant, and the Mainline Protestants. The Catholic Church has the highest number of followers in Florida, followed by the Southern Baptist Convention and lastly Judaism. The Roman Catholic Church is the single largest in the state even though Florida is by and large a Protestant area. The Jewish community has a substantial presence mainly in South Florida however; no other southern state has such a notable Jewish population.

A recent change in the culture of Florida is evident as the state is enabling itself to cope with the increasing population.

The southern part of the state of Florida is largely populated with young adults. This part of the state is also home to many universities that thrive on tourism and related activities. This is also one reason why many tourists visiting Florida, visit this region before heading to others.