Finland Maps

Finland is officially known as the Republic of Finland, it is a located in the Northern Europe. Finland is bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, Russia to the east and Estonia to the south of Gulf of Finland.

Finland is home to 5.4 million people with majority situated in the southern region. It is the eighth largest country in Europe with Finnish and Swedish as official languages. Finland is spread over an area of 338,424 square kilometers.

Finland is home to 5,383,383 as per 2011 estimate. The country lies between the latitudes 59 degree and 71 degree north; and 20 degree 32 degree east longitudes.

Finland Climate

Finland experiences humid and cool semi continental climate with warm summers and chilling winters. Winters in southern Finland are generally 4 months long with average below 0 degree Celsius. There is snowfall from December to early April. In summers, the temperature can be as high as 30 degree Celsius.

Finland Rivers

Few of the Rivers which flow in Finland are;

  • Aura River
  • Iijoki River
  • Juutuanjoki River
  • Kajaani River
  • Kitinen
  • Koitajoki
  • Kuolajoki River
  • Kymmene River
  • Lemmenjoki River
  • Lutto River

Finland Highest peaks

The following are the highest peaks in Finland.

  • Sorsatunturi (628 m.)
  • Sauoiva (615 m.)
  • Pyhätunturi (540 m.)
  • Painopää (526 m.)
  • Karhutunturi (518 m.)
  • Jeagiloaivi (492 m.)
  • Maltiotunturi (478 m.)
  • Koukkutunturi (441 m.)
  • Valsberget (89 m.)

Finland Flora

Pine, spruce, birch are the most significant flora found in Finland. More than 1,100 native species of plants are found here.

Finland Fauna

22,700 species of fauna are found in Finland of which 75% are insects. Finland is home to 60 species of mammals. While elk fox, beaver are commonly found, fur-bearing animals such as otter, marten, and ermine are rare to see. If the mentioned number of flora species, 248 species are breeding birds. The best known among these species are cuckoo, and the harbinger. 66 species of freshwater fish are found such as the perch, walleyed pike, great northern pike and others while Salmon fish is most liked by fly rods.

finland map
Map of Finland