Famous People From Florida

Famous People From Florida

Florida Prominent Citizens

  • The State of Florida came into existence on 3rd March, 1845, and thus becoming the 27th State of United States of America.

  • Florida has an eminent historical background and blend of American culture and culture of its immigrants who make up its population.

  • Apart from the tourist attractions, the prominent citizens of Florida contribute generously to the development of Florida. Many famous individuals, who were born, raised or lived in Florida for a considerable part of their lives have made their presence felt through their work in their respective field of expertise.

Some of the Prominent Citizens of Florida:

John Watts Young

An ex-NASA astronaut and engineer, John Watts Young walked on the moon on April 21st-23rd 1972 during the ‘Apollo 16’ mission. Although he was born in California, he was raised in Orlando, Florida. John Young is famous for a feat that has been accomplished by two other people. He has been to the moon and back, twice. He is also a record holder for being the first person to fly into space six times. He worked for NASA for a period of 42 years and eventually retired on the 31st of December, 2004. He was 74 at the time. He was honored with the ‘Congressional Space Medal of Honor’ in 1981 and the ‘National Space Trophy’ in 2000. His illustrious career makes him one of the most prominent citizens of Florida.

John Watts Young, NASA Astronaut
John Watts Young Status Retired
John Watts Young Born September 24, 1930 (1930-09-24) (age 79)
San Francisco, California
John Watts Young Other Occupation Test Pilot
John Watts Young Rank Captain, United States Navy
John Watts Young Time in Space 34d 19h 39m
John Watts Young Selection 1962 NASA Group
John Watts Young Missions Gemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, STS-1, STS-9

Alan Stephenson Boyd

Alan Stephenson Boyd was appointed the first Secretary of Transportation in the United States of America on the 16th of July, 1967. He was born on the 20th of July, 1922 in Jacksonville. He was an American attorney and transportation executive who led a number of large corporations apart from serving the US government. He was also recognized for his contributions when he served on the Civil Aeronautics Board. The ‘Tony Jannus Award’ was awarded to him in 1994 for his contributions to commercial aviation.

Alan Stephenson Boyd
1st United States Secretary of Transportation
In office
January 16, 1967 – January 20, 1969
President Lyndon B. Johnson
Preceded by None
Alan Stephenson Boyd Succeeded by John A. Volpe
Alan Stephenson Boyd Born July 20, 1922 (1922-07-20) (age 88)
Jacksonville, Florida
Alan Stephenson Boyd Political Party Democratic
Alan Stephenson Boyd Spouse(s) Flavil Juanita Townsend Boyd
Alan Stephenson Boyd Children Mark Boyd
Alan Stephenson Boyd Alma Mater University of Florida
University of Virginia School of Law
Military Service
Alan Stephenson Boyd Service / Branch United States Army Air Forces
Alan Stephenson Boyd Battles / Wars World War II

John Christopher Depp II

John Christopher Depp II better known to the world as Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky on June 9, 1963. However his family settled in Miramar, Florida in 1970. Depp is a well known American actor who is known to play out of the ordinary and unconventional characters in his movies. His contribution to cinema has made him one of the prominent citizens of Florida.

  • His character in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, as Captain Jack Sparrow has been acknowledged around the globe but his foremost role in the 1984 horror film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ won him critical acclaim. Johnny Depp won his first Golden Globe for depiction of Sweeney Todd in 2008.

Johnny Depp
During the Paris premiere of Public Enemies in July 2009
John Christopher Depp II Born John Christopher Depp II
June 9, 1963 (1963-06-09) (age 47)
Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.
John Christopher Depp II Occupation Actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician
John Christopher Depp II Years Active 1984–present
John Christopher Depp II Spouse(s) Lori Anne Allison (1983–1986)
John Christopher Depp II Domestic Partner(s) Sherilyn Fenn (1985–1988)
Winona Ryder (1989–1993)
Kate Moss (1994–1998)
Vanessa Paradis (1998–present)

Abraham Lincoln Lewis

Abraham Lincoln Lewis is another prominent citizen of Florida. He was the first AfricanvAmerican millionaire of the State of Florida. He was born in the year 1865 in Madison, Florida and settled in Jacksonville. He passed away in the year 1947. He was the founder of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company situated in Jacksonville, Florida. During the period of racial segregation he contributed comprehensively to black colleges such as Jacksonville's Edward Waters College and Bethune-Cookman College.

James Douglas Morrison

James Douglas Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida on 8th December, 1943. He is better known by the name Jim Morrison is regarded as one of the most prominent citizens of Florida for his contributions as a singer, song writer, poet, writer and filmmaker. He was the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band The Doors. Morrison died on July 3, 1971 at an early age of 27 years which put an end to a world famous extraordinary talent. The Rolling Stones magazine ranked him 47th in the list of "100 Greatest Singers of All Time".

Lillian E Smith

Lillian E Smith was born on the 12th of December 1897 in Jasper, Florida. She was a well known social critic and author of the best-selling novel Strange Fruit (1944) which was translated into fifteen languages. She passed away in September 28, 1966 at the age of 69. As a white woman, she openly criticized racial segregation against the African-Americans and toiled towards the dismantling of Jim Crow laws which made her a prominent citizen of Florida.