Famous People From Delaware


Famous People From Delaware

Delaware Prominent Citizens

Some of the prominent citizens of Delaware who have made noteworthy contributions to the history of the state are as follows:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

  • Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was originally born in Pennsylvania but later shifted to the state of Delaware. He is also known as Joe Biden.

  • He was born on the 20th of November in 1942, in Scranton which is in the state of Pennsylvania. He recently became the 47th Vice President of the United States of America.

  • Joe Biden is the only Delawarean to hold the post of the Vice President. Initially, he was an attorney in 1969. Later in the year of 1972, he became the senator in the United States of America senate.

  • In the 2008 elections of USA, Barrack Obama chose Joe Biden, from the Democratic Party, to be the nominee for the post of Vice President. It is for this reason, amongst others, that he is considered as one of the most prominent citizens of Delaware.

  • He has been working thoroughly to deal with the stimulus package endorsed by President Obama which is aimed at stopping the American recession. In his career, he worked around issues ranging from violence against women, prevention of crime, protection of civil liberties and drug related policies. This is also why he is known as one of the most Prominent Citizens of Delaware.

John Garvin Weir

  • John Garvin Weir famously known as ‘Johnny’ was born on the 2nd of July in 1984 in the state of Pennsylvania. His family shifted to the state of Delaware when he was 12 years old because of his interest in Figure Skating. What prompted them to shift was the fact that the state of Delaware, especially Newark, had the best coaches and ice rinks for practicing and mastering figure skating.

  • John Garvin Weir won the World Junior Championship in the year 2001. Apart from winning the Bronze Medal in the 2008 World Championship, he has also been the National Champion for 3 consecutive years from 2004 to 2006. He was also the Bronze medal winner at the Grand Prix Final twice. His achievements make him one of the prominent citizens of Delaware.

Herta Ware

  • Herta Ware was best known as a political activist; however, her primary profession was acting. She was born in the year of 1917 on the 9th of June in   Wilmington. Herta’s father was also a well known actor and her mother was involved in music. She acted in many plays throughout her illustrious career.

  • She debuted in Broadway with her first play "Let Freedom Ring" along with Will Geer. They both tied the knot in the year 1934 and together they acted in various plays such as Bury the Dead, Prelude and Journeyman. She is famously remembered for her role in the movie Cocoon where she played the part of the ailing wife of Jack Gilford.

  • Later, in the 1940’s they were both involved in working towards social and labor problems in United States of America. Together they bore three kids and one of them, Ellen Geer, went on to become a well known actress. Herta at the age of 88 passed away on August 15th, 2005.

Clifford Brown

  • The famous Jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown was born and raised in Wilmington. He was born in the year of 1930, on the 30th of October. He studied in the University of Delaware and later on went on to join Maryland State College.

  • ‘Brownie’ as he was famously called, started playing Jazz music professionally after completing his studies. In a short span of 4 years, he became one of the most prominent trumpeters in genre of Jazz. He is regarded as one of the most prominent citizens of Delaware for his enormous contribution to Jazz music.

  • He tragically passed away in a car crash at the young age of 25. To honor and to remember the contributions of Clifford Brown, the people of Delaware organize a Jazz music concert every year. It has been named after him, The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival.

Famous Statians


Name Born / Died Place
James Asheton Bayard, Jr. Lawyer, Politician Born: November 15, 1799 Wilmington
Died: June 13, 1880 Wilmington
Valerie Anne Bertinelli Actress Born: April 23, 1960 Wilmington
Robert Montgomery Bird Writer, Physician Born: February 5, 1805 New Castle
Died: January 23, 1854 Philadelphia, Penn.
Jacob Broom Farmer, Surveyor, Businessman, Signer: U.S. Constitution Born: October 17, 1752 Wilmington
Died: 1810 Philadelphia, Penn.
Henry Seidel Canby
Educator, Editor, Literary critic
Born: September 6, 1878 Wilmington
Died: April 5, 1961 Ossining, N.Y.
Annie Jump Cannon Astronomer Born: December 11, 1863 Dover
Died: April 13, 1941 Cambridge, Mass.
John Middleton Clayton Politician, Statesman Born: July 24, 1796 Dagsboro
Died: November 9, 1856 Dover
Henry Algernon du Pont Soldier, Politician Born: July 30, 1838 Wilmington
Died: December 31, 1926 Winterthur
Alfred Irénée du Pont Businessman Born: 1864  
Died: April 29, 1935 Jacksonville, Fla.
Pierre Samuel du Pont
Chemist, Businessman
Born: 1870 Wilmington
Died: April 5, 1954 Wilmington
Henry J. Heimlich Physician Born: February 3, 1920 Wilmington
Commodore Jacob Jones Naval officer Born: March 1768 Smyrna
Died: August 3, 1850 Philadelphia, Penn.
William Julius "Judy" Johnson Baseball player Born: October 26, 1899 Snow Hill
Died: June 13, 1989 Wilmington
Thomas MacDonough Naval officer Born: December 21, 1783 The Trap
Died: November 10, 1825 At sea, en route from the Mediterranean to New York City
John Phillips Marquand Author Born: November 10, 1893 Wilmington
Died: July 16, 1960 Newburyport, Mass.
Howard Pyle
Teacher, Illustrator, Writer
Born: March 5, 1853 Wilmington
Died: November 9.1911 Florence, Italy
Theresa Elizabeth "Teri" Polo
Born: June 1, 1969 Dover
Caesar Rodney Lawyer, Politician, Signer: Declaration of Independence Born: October 7, 1728 Kent County
Died: June 25, 1784 Kent County
Elisabeth Shue Actress Born: October 6, 1963 Wilmington
Nicholas Van Dyke
Lawyer, Politician, Signer: Articles of Confederation
Born: September 25, 1738 New Castle County
Died: February 19, 1789 New Castle County