Family Cruises

Family Cruises

Family Cruises

Give your family a special treat

About Family Cruise

  • Cruise means holidays with lots of fun. Many people like to enjoy their holidays on seas with their family.
  • They would love it more when these cruises include creative kid’s program, beautiful shore outings, and interesting facilities at reasonable prices. Fun just increases on a ship.
  • Now many new ships are coming with exciting facilities like water parks. There are family cruises, which are specialized for family fun.

Few basic things that should be kept in mind are

  • You should see the size and location of the stateroom. Check the guardrails on the bunk beds.
  • See whether ships have cabin because some ships have cabins so that five members of the family can sleep. Some have adjoining cabins and some have cabins for your kids at discounted rates. There is a new trend of family suites too.
  • Check whether the medical facilities are adequate in the ship or not because some ships do not allow women with the last stage of their pregnancy.
  • Check about the documentation. Sometimes ID of children is needed when only one birth parent is with the kid at the trip.
  • Check about the cancellation fees because you may need to cancel the ticket if any member of the family is not able to go on the trip.
  • Ask whatever questions come to your mind related to cruise.
  • If you have a little baby how will you give him bathe. Sometimes bath tubs are not available in the cabins.

Expenses on Family Cruise

Few things about the budget
While enjoying the family cruise you have to keep in mind about your budget

  • You should ask about the common practice of your ship.
  • You can take soda packages if your kids like to have soda because these types of drinks are not free on the ship.
  • Sometimes you may need babysitter on the cruise which is not a free service.
  • It is also possible that you explore a new town to visit by your own rather looking for few paid towns.

Arrangements on Family Cruise

For Parents

  • You can bring your own walkie-talkie sets on the cruise if these cruises do not support pager services.
  • You can set you kids program like what type of program you want whether you want active programs or learning programs. Just make it sure in advance only.
  • You should see how much staff is there for kids program whether they are sufficient or not.

On the Ship

  • You can check whether the kids program is going on or not.
  • You can hire hourly baby sitter if possible.
  • Do not take more then seven day cruise.
  • Do not choose ship which is overcrowded as you will not have fun.