Expedia Travel


Tourism and travel industry has grown by leaps and bounds lately as more and more people want to travel the world over. This trend might also be attributed to the fact that the tourist or travel agents have provided a lot of opportunities to travel by freely giving away discounts, travel solutions and even traveling loans.

Most of the modern travel agent's operate online just like the famous expedia.com. This expedia travel web site happens to offer a total solution to all your traveling needs. It is one of the leading travel agencies in the world operating through professionally designed web sites in America, Europe and Asia.

They can just do all the research and planning for you and they even choose the right vacation destination that might suit your taste and your pocket too.

Expedia's Mission

it aims to provide an intelligent marketplace for travel, by building a strong base for the travel industry. It strives to bring together people, culture ad destinations proving to the world that it is but a small global village. Whatever the purpose of travel might be, the expedia have a solution. Be it business, pleasure or honey moon trip you name it ad they can organize it wonderfully without any stress or frustration on your part. Dial or click the expedia site and then leave all the travel needs in their hands and relax.

History and Brand Portfolio

The expedia brands include expedia.com, hotels.com, hotwire, expedia corporate travel and classic vacation etc. the companies operate in all the major destinations in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Initially funded by Microsoft in 1995, expedia set foot on the tinsel world in 1996. In three years it expanded its global presence and went public in 1999.

Barry Diller is the chairman and senior executive of expedia and bears the flagship of the company leading it to success. Innovation, creativity and professional service is what is behind the success of this fantastic company called expedia.

Vacation Packages and Activities

If you are confused about the choice of your next vacation, do not worry. Choose from the many activities and destination offered as vacation packages by the expedia. They ensure total entertainment, fun and joy in their every venture. The customers are never left to fret and fume, but are sent home filled with fine memories and total satisfaction. Themed activities and family fun are worth giving a try and you will never regret your choice with the extraordinary services of the expedia.