Europe Travel Guide

If you are looking forward to a long exciting vacation, Europe is definitely the place that you should look after. This is the only place where you will be able to cherish great food, wonderful art, architectural wonders and world-class museums altogether. Europe's most famous and visited destinations include London, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris and Venice and there are many more. Once you reach there, make sure that you have visited Barcelona, Athens, Berlin, Madrid, Prague and Brussels as well

Transportation around Europe


One of the most convenient and inexpensive modes of transportation available are the Eurolines. The Eurolines link more than 500 cities in 25 different European countries and enables the tourists to travel across Europe with great comport.

By Rail

If you are narrow on your budget, you can try to use the rail and there are plenty of overnight train services that can help you save loads for your accommodation. If you are sleeping there, when you wake up you will find yourself in a different city or a different country. If offers the tourists with many sightseeing opportunities though the train window and it is truly a remarkable experience.

By Air

You can also fly around Europe with Europebyair Flight Pass. This special air tickets allows you to travel one way to cities throughout Europe starting and stopping at any city you want. The Europebyair tickets do not have any blackout dates, advance reservations or any fare zones. A ticket is valid for 120 days and you don't need to make any minimum purchases. The Europebyair Flight Pass is only $99 dollars and it is the fastest and cheapest way by air to travel through Europe


The great way to start your Europe travel is to start from London. You can take a ride in the open-top bus to do sightseeing around this historic city. If you want to get around you can also use the underground tube. The attractions in London are the Tower Bridge, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Bath, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, Harrods, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Soho, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and many more.


Paris is amongst the biggest attractions in Europe featuring the architectural wonder - the Eiffel Tower. The other attractions of Paris are the Notre Dame Cathedral, Napoleon's tomb in the building known as the Eglise du Dome and many more. The city is very fashionable and you can shop around the Champs Ely sees. It is advisable for the tourists to carry a map around as they can easily get lost in the intricate streets