Estonia Beaches

With the advent of summer, it’s time to hit the beach! When talking of beaches, how can Estonia be left behind!? This beach is a major attraction of tourists due to its sandy nature and perfect water temperature.


Saaremaa is surrounded by magical forests consisting of pines and spruce. This beach is spread across 1000 square miles and has many adventures to offer to its visitors. The tiny villages across the beach seem to be unaffected by the change of time. Saaremaa is also known as 'Old Estonia'.

Location- Sareema beach is located in Baltic Sea.  

Attractions- The most known place of Saaremaa is Kuressaare Castle now known to be a museum. The Vilsandi Nation Park is also a must visit of Saaremaa.

Adventures- Beach lovers of Saaremaa can indulge in windsurfing, Jet Skiing, sailing, hiking, camping, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, geo-caching, sledging, snowboarding, rock and ice-climbing and other such adventures.

Environment (climate change)- The environment in Saaremaa is pleasant with 20 degree Celsius. The winters are cold where the temperature dips to below zero degrees.

Accommodation- Saaremaa has various cozy and comfortable hotels. The hotels have spas too to relax its visitors.

Food- The visitors can treat their taste-buds with delicious and tasty food that the hotel offers. The visitors can also visit nearby restaurants.

Parnu Beach

Parnu beach is one of the best beaches Estonia has. Famous for the white sands and innumerable attractions, Parnu beach cum resort is accessible by just 15 minutes walk-away from the city. Parnu attracts numerous sun-worshippers and swimmers all day long during summers. The warm shallow water is best for families, whilst the adjacent parks trade cool winds.

Location- Parnu Beach is located in the southwest part of Estonia in the Baltic sea.

Attractions- Parnu attracts its visitors because of Wakepark, Vallikaar, Ammende’s Villa, Boulevard of Sculptures, St. Catherine’s Church, The Red Tower, Venus Bastion Smithy, Parnu Keskus, Seawall, Yacht Port and many more.

Adventures- Parnu Beach visitors can indulge in horse-riding, swimming, and other activities.

Environment (climate change)- The environment changes witness a rainfall during summers making the visitors visit the Vee Park adjacent to the beachside hotel.

Accommodation- Parnu Beaches has various hotels with basic and luxury amenities for all. Some of the hotels are Hansalinn Hotel Parnu, Rannahotell, Hotel Victoria Parnu, Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Anette Hostel.

Food- The visitors of Parnu can gorge in Kadri Café, Villa Wesset, Ammende’s Villa, Steffani Pizza, Mahedik and Yacht Club Restaurant.

Apart from these two beaches, there are various other islands cum beaches in Estonia that attracts innumerable visitors each year. Few of the beaches are Lake Kamari recreation area and Lake Tamula Promenade.

In addition to these beaches, Estonia has various other top beaches such as Valgeranna Beach, Runhu Island among many others.