Egyptian Museum

Egypt has a history that is thousands of years old. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to many important Egyptian artifacts pertaining to  Egyptian history. A visit to the Egyptian Museum gives an insight into the lives and times of the people who lived in Ancient Egypt.

History of the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Antiquities Service was constituted to prevent the plundering and looting of the then rampant Egyptian Antiques. In 1863, the museum opened in Bulaq. The Egyptian Museum was shifted from Bulaq to the Palace of Giza in 1891. In 1902, the Egyptian Museum was shifted again to its present location.

There are more than a million artifacts in the Egyptian Museum; a representative number are in display while the rest are kept in storage. Even then, a visit to the Egyptian Museum can be over-whelming! It is not be possible to see everything in the museum in a month’s time.

Egyptian Museum Information

Established 1902
Location Cairo, Egypt
Type History Museum
Collection Size 120,000 Items
Director Mohamed Abdel Hamid Shimy

Tutankhamen’s Treasures in the Egyptian Museum

Approximately million  visitors visit the Egyptian Museum annually. Almost all of them make sure they visit Section 1 that house the Tutankhamen’s collection. And it is not because he was a very important pharaoh. He died very young at the age of 18. King Tut is famous because his tomb  has his remains intact with treasures.

The Egyptian Museum has preserved King Tut’s burial mask and sarcophagus. Chariots, thrones, a royal toilet and a trumpet are also dipalyed.

Four gilded shrines, one nested inside the other were found in King Tut’s tomb. All four can be seen on display in the Egyptian Museum.  Inside the inner-most shrine was a stone sarcophagus,  that is still kept in the tomb.

A magnificient gold coffin and some pieces of absolutely stunning jewelry of that time are also on display in the King Tut’s display area at the Egyptian Museum.

One visit to the museum and  treasures of King Tut’s tomb leads to questions about the untapped treasure of other kings.

Egyptian Museum Admission / Ticket Price

Type Ticket Price
General Admission $9.00
Seniors 55 and Older $7.00
Students with I.D. $7.00
Children Ages Between 5 - 10 $5.00
Children Under 5 Free

Egyptian Museum Hours / Timings

Day Timing
Wednesday to Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday, May 20: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Monday & Tuesday Holiday