Easter Island

A Polynesian island in the South Eastern Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a special territory of Chile. It was annexed in 888 and is world famous for its 887 extant monumental statues known as moai. Early rapanui people created these statues and have been declared as World Heritage Site.

This island is a live example of the disadvantages of overexploitation of culture and environment.

It is believed that the first European visitor gave the name “Easter Island” who discovered it on an Easter Sunday in 1722. “Rapa nui” or “Big Rapa” is the current Polynesian name of the island. The name was given after the slave raids in early 1860’s because of its resemblance with the island of Rapa in the Bass Islands of the Austral Islands group.

Easter Island, one of the most isolated islands that is inhabited and lies close to Chile. It is in triangular shape and has three Rano that is fresh water crater lakes – Rano Kau, Rano Raraku and Rano Aroi.

Easter Island Information

Capital Hanga Roa
27°9′S 109°25.5′W
Official Language(s) Spanish, Rapa Nui
Ethnic Groups (2002) Rapanui 60%, European or mestizo 39%, Amerindian 1%
Demonym Rapa Nui or Pascuense
Government Special territory of Chile
 -  Provincial Governor Carmen Cardinali
 -  Mayor Luz Zasso Paoa
Annexation to Chile 
 -  Treaty Signed September 9, 1888 
Easter Island Area
 -  Total 163.6 km2 
63.1 sq mi 
Easter Island Population
 -  2010 Estimate 4,888 
 -  2002 Census 3,791 
 -  Density 29.88/km2 
77.46/sq mi
Currency Peso (CLP)
Time Zone UTC−06 (UTC−6)
 -  Summer (DST) UTC/GMT -6 hours (UTC)
Internet TLD .cl
Calling Code +56 32


Easter Island Chile

The Past of Easter Island

Easter Island enjoys a very fascinating history. A Dutch sea captain, Jacob Roggeveen came to this island on an Easter Sunday and thus named it Easter Island; it is one of the most isolated and inhabited island in the world and is merely 63 miles in size. The early inhabitants of this island were Polynesian travelers from the Marquesas, popularly known as Society Islands. Rich artistic and religious development took place in Easter Island but with the increase in population, the food chain broke as a result of which Island experienced famines. Cannibalism was also recorded here. Slave traders from other lands took advantage of the situation and Peru and Chile dominated the place. This also resulted in several diseases that were quite devastating.

People are fascinated with Easter Island, its strange statues- the Stonehenge and pyramids. Mystic energy fields and alien presence have also been reported here making people more curious about the place.

Important Facts About Easter Island

Easter Island is a small island of volcanic origins and is located in Pacific Ocean near Chile. From the floor of Pacific Ocean, the island is technically a single massive volcano rising over 10 thousand feet. It is small, hilly and treeless island but due to its strange statues it has sparked interest among archaeologists.

Things to Do & View in Easter Island

Moai are the biggest tourist attraction in Easter Island having strange archaeological features and quite fragile. During ceremonies, Moai are placed on high platforms and one should not walk on them as it is considered to be a very disrespectful gesture. Most of the sites in this island can be visited for free and there are too many archaeological sites to explore. Volcanic craters of Rano Kau and Rano Raraku are also popular attractions among tourists. Two white sandy beaches, Anakena and Ovahe are popular for shore break bodysurfing. Tourists also indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling near the islets Motu Nui and Motu Iti. Its extensive cave systems also lure tourists interested to learn more about these archaeological wonders. There are several tour companies that offers organized tours and this is the best way to explore the entire island and its wonders.

Easter Island Hotels

Hotel Name Stars Area Rent
CHEZ CECILIA 3 Tahai Center $60
EXPLORA'S POSADA DE MIKE RAPU 4 Near Hanga Roa $2,280 for 4 day / 3 night and tours.
HANGA ROA PANAMERICANA 4 On beach, near a/p $379
IORANA 4 Near Hanga Roa $201
MANAVAI 3 Hanga Roa $98 Low, $110 High
MANUTARA 3 Hanga Roa $105
MARTIN Y ANITA HOTEL 2 Hanga Roa $67 Low, $80 High
OTAI 3 Hanga Roa $94 Low, $113 High