Dubrovnik Old City

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city located at the Adriatic Sea coast at the end of Isthmus of Dubrovnik. It is a popular tourist spot and now the city of Dubrovnik is a part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century on an island known as Laus. It provided shelter to Dalmatian refugees from the city of Epidaurus. According to the Greek theory, the city of Dubrovnik had a huge settlement.

The Ostrogothic Kingdom ruled for quite sometime and then it was over taken by the Byzantine Empire. Gradually many kingdoms like the Crusades started taking over and ruled Dubrovnik. The between the 14th century and 1808, Ragusa took over the state. Dubrovnik Old City was earlier known as Ragusa.

Dubrovnik Old City

Dubrovnik Old City Information

Country Croatia
County Dubrovnik-Neretva county
 - Mayor Andro Vlahušic (CPP)
 - Total 21.35 km2 (8.2 sq mi)
 - Total 43,770
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 20000
Area code(s) 020
Licence plate DU

Dubrovnik Old City Facts

There are many interesting facts about Dubrovnik Old City. Dubrovnik is known as ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Dubrovnik was originally known as Ragusa and was discovered in the 7th century on an island known as Laus. Even today, some people know Dubrovnik as Ragusa. It was after the World War I that the entire city was known as Dubrovnik. Eventually the region was taken over by many regimes before it got its independence. In 1272, the Republic of Ragusa formed its own law. Then in 1808, Marshal Marmont merged the republic with the Illyrian provinces.

Dubrovnik Old City Weather & Climate

Dubrovnik Old City has a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers. The winters here are with a few showers of rain. The weather and the temperature in Dubrovnik Old City is pleasant throughout the year. Many tourists flock this place around this time of the year. The convenience of this place also attracts many tourists.

Climate Data for Dubrovnik
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Avg High °C (°F) 13.2
Avg Low °C (°F) 7.0
Prec mm (inches) 95.2
Avg. pre Days 11.2 10.9 11.6 11.2 9.5 6.7 4.4 4.5 6.4 10.3 11.3 12.5 110.5
Sunshine Hours 127.1 130.5 155.0 186.0 251.1 294.0 356.5 347.2 261.0 204.6 108.0 99.2 2,520.2

Dubrovnik Old City Things to See and Do

There are many things to see and do in Dubrovnik Old City. Below is a list of things:-

The City Walls

Dubrovnik Old City is surrounded by high and beautiful walls. As you climb up the view gets better with amazing landscapes to see.

Dubrovnik Old City Beaches

Dubrovnik Old City has beautiful beaches where one can even swim. The sand around the beach and the coast that is surrounded by rocks makes the beach a beautiful site.

The Stradun

The old city of Dubrovnik has many people residing here. Once upon a time it was a channel that separated the town from the forest.

The Gates of Pile

The main entrance to the Dubrovnik Old City is by entering the Pile Gate. It is the gate that leads you to the interior of the city and is situated between high walls with a bridge and stairs.

Other places to visit in Dubrovnik Old City is the old port, Francisan monastery, Island of Lokrum, Fort Lovrijenac, Big Onofrije’s Fountain, Museums, Prince Palace, Aquarium, the Island of Mljet, Luza palace, Sponza Palace, Dominican church, Minceta Fortress and the Rector’s Palace.

Dubrovnik Old City is an interesting place to visit and there since it has a moderate climate, many tourists visit it every year.

People From Dubrovnik

  • Franco Sacchetti (1332–1400): Italian poet
  • Milan Rešetar (1860–1942) linguist, Ragusologist and historian.
  • Matija Ban (1818–1903) poet, dramatist, and playwright
  • Ivan Stojanovic (1829–1900): Catholic priest, writer
  • Mato Vodopic (1816–1893): bishop of Dubrovnik, poet
  • Francesco Maria Appendini (1768–1837): Italian priest, philogist, linguistic.
  • Vito Maria Bettera-Vodopic (1771–1841) - military, politician, ragusan patriotic.
  • Antun Paško Kazali (1815–1894): Catholic priest, writer
  • Marin Držic (1508–1567): Croatian playwright and prose writer
  • Mavro Vetranovic (1482–1576): Croatian poet and prose writer
  • Cvijeta Zuzoric (c. 1552–c. 1600): poetess
  • Dinko Zlataric (1558–1613): Croatian poet and translator
  • Marin Getaldic (1568–1626): scientist
  • Ivan Gundulic (1589–1638) poet
  • Ruder Boškovic (1711–1787): scientist, diplomat and poet
  • Vlaho Getaldic (1788–1872): politician, noble, poet
  • Niko Pucic (1820–1883): politician and nobleman
  • Medo Pucic (1821–1882): writer, politician and nobleman
  • Federico Seismit-Doda (1825–1893): Italian politician
  • Frano Getaldic-Gundulic (1833–1899): soldier, statesman, nobleman, Knight of Malta
  • Pero Budmani (1835–1914): linguist
  • Vlaho Bukovac (1855–1922): Croatian painter
  • Ivo Vojnovic (1857–1929): writer
  • Antun Fabris (1864–1904): Serbian journalist and politician
  • Frano Supilo (1870–1917): Croatian politician, journalist and publicist
  • Blagoje Bersa (1873–1934), Croatian musician
  • Miho Klaic (1829–1896), Croatian politician
  • Joakim Stulli (1729–1817), Croatian Franciscan, lexicographer
  • Bernard Stulli (1915–1985), Croatian archivist and historican
  • Vlaho Stulli (1768–1843), Croatian comedian
  • Eduard Miloslavic (1884–1952): scientist
  • Branko Bauer (born 1921): Croatian film director
  • Ottavio Missoni (born 1921): Italian fashion designer
  • Tereza Kesovija (born 1938): Croatian singer
  • Antun Vujic (born 1945): Croatian politician and philosopher
  • Božo Vuletic (born 1958): Croatian waterpolo player, Olympic gold medalist
  • Goran Sukno (born 1959): Croatian waterpolo player, Olympic gold medalist
  • Veselin Ðuho (born 1960): Croatian waterpolo player and coach, double Olympic gold medalist
  • Slaven Tolj (born 1964): Croatian artist
  • Mario Kopic (born 1965): Croatian philosopher
  • Emir Spahic (born 1980): Bosnian football player (Montpellier HSC).
  • Srdan Lakic (born 1983): Croatian football player (1. FC Kaiserslautern).
  • Sanja Jovanovic (born 1986): Olympic swimmer
  • Ante Tomic (born 1987): Basketball player