Dominica Maps

Dominica, officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica is an island nation located in the Caribbean. It is Christopher Columbus who has named the island. Roseau is the largest city and the capital of the country. Official language is English. Dominica spreads over an area of 750 square kilometres and hosts 72,660 people. The country is also known as Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Dominica is a Parliamentary republic. Boiling Lake, the world's second-largest hot spring is in Dominica. Dominica includes 10 parishes.

Dominica Administrative divisions

For administrative purposes Dominica is divided into ten parishes. They are Saint Andrew Parish, Saint David Parish, Saint George Parish, Saint John Parish, Saint Joseph Parish, Saint Luke Parish, Saint Mark Parish, Saint Patrick Parish, Saint Paul Parish and Saint Peter Parish.

Cities of Dominica

Roseau, Portsmouth, Marigot, Berekua, Mahaut, Saint Joseph, Wesley, Salisbury, Castle Bruce and La Plaine are the main cities of Domiica.

Mountains of Dominica

Morne Diablotins, Morne Trois Pitons and Morne Watt are the major mountains of Dominica. These mountains have active volcanoes in them. Morne Diablotins is the highest point in the country, which has an elevation of 4,747 ft.

Dominica Rivers

Dominica has 365 rivers. Anse Du Mé River, Aouya River, Balthazar River, Barry River, Batali River, Beauplan River, Belfast River, Bell Hall River, Belle Fille River, Bellibu River, River Bibiay, Bioche River, Blenheim River, Boeri River, Boetica River, River Bouleau, River Bway, Canal River, River Canari, Canefield River, Cario River, Castle Bruce River, Check Hall River, River Claire, Clarke's River, Colihaut River, Coulibistri River, Crayfish River and Demitrie River are some among them.

dominica map
Map of Dominica