Do's and Don'ts in Colorado

Do’s and Don’ts in Colorado:

Colorado is a state with liberal policy and eco-friendly people. The people of this state are conscious of the disparity created by nature and hence are very tolerant towards the underprivileged. The state capital Denver is pretty safe when compared to the others. However, there are some things that the visitors to this state need to observe. Here are a few do’s and don’ts in Colorado.

  1. The state and in particular the capital city of Denver has many homeless people sleeping in the streets and begging for a good living. It is wise not to tip the beggars. But if you have to, then give what you would like to spare; and not what they demand.
  2. An offshoot of vagrants wandering around the place is the drug abuse that is rampant among them. Hence, theft is a concern of these places. If you find such people wandering around or hanging around in public places, then be extra careful of your belongings.
  3. It is safe to stay away from exploring the city after dark. Downtowns are relatively safer and so are the arterial roads and shopping centers.
  4. Driving rules in Colorado can be quite tricky. Drive faster through red light signals to avoid getting hit.
  5. Do not rely on the electronic warning signs of the traffic system. They are defunct and hence unreliable.
  6.  Be aware of rash and reckless driving. It can put you in considerable danger.  Be careful while driving on the highways.
  7. Speed limits mentioned on the roads are just arbitrary figures and no one really follows them. So put your safety on top priority and not the speed limits when it comes to making a decision between the two.
  8. Though Colorado has dry weather conditions, winters are known for snow storms. Also, summers in the interiors may bring in thunderstorms. Beware of these extreme weather conditions before planning a trip to Colorado.
  9. When in Colorado, drink plenty of water, especially if you are from the bay area. The Rocky Mountains and the altitude of Colorado can get you dehydrated faster than you can imagine. Sports drinks and electrolytes are to be supplemented particularly when undertaking hikes and other outdoor activities. Altitude sickness is very common among the tourists to Colorado. See a doctor if you have severe symptoms such as nausea and dizziness.

Take care of your cars, especially if you are renting one. Car thefts are very common in this state especially at gas stations. Radios and car stereos systems are not safe either. It is better to drive your car with an iPod in your pocket.