Devikulam Hill Station

Location of Devikulam in Kerala and India
Devikulam Hill Station Coordinates 10.062640°N 77.103990°E
Devikulam Hill Station Country  India
Devikulam Hill Station State Kerala
Devikulam Hill Station District(s) Idukki
Devikulam Hill Station Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Devikulam Hill Station Vehicles Code KL-

General Information - Devikulam

Devikulam Altitude : 1800 m Above Sea Level.

Devikulam Best Time : September To May.

Devikulam Location : 16 Kms From Munnar, Kerala.

Devikulam Main Attraction : 16 Kms From Munnar, Kerala.

Devikulam Hill Station History

Devikulam is a hill resort in state of Kerala where opportunity of getting fascinated through its sheer picturesque splendor is a regulation rather than exception. Myth has it that Sita of the Ramayana fame came here and bathed in lake in Devikulam.

Devikulam Location

Devikulam is situated at a height of 1800 m above sea level; hill resort of Devikulam is 16 kms southwest of Munnar in state of Kerala.

Devikulam Sight Seeing

Leading among the tourism attractions in hill resort of Devikulam is a stunning Sita Devi Lake with a background of verdant hills. This lake is named Sita because she came to take bath in its water. And the lake magnetizes visitors for its purity with its healing properties. The lake provides trout fishing ensuing in assembly of adventure seekers. Devikulam is a nature lovers' heaven. Mother Nature has been liberal to this dazzling hill station in South India. And not far-off from the lake is the stunning Pallivasal Waterfall that is repeated through picnickers for sheer expression of nature in its diverse ways. The natural plant life of the hill resort includes gum trees in blue and red. India profile disposes tour to tea cultivated area.

Devikulam Sites Near by

Aside from being the top sightseer destination itself, Devikulam provides the base from where you can craft some exciting pleasure trips. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a space of 50 km away from Devikulam. It is natural surroundings for several species like gaurs, sambars, leopards, and elephants. You can spot the extremely scarce species of Star Tortoise and Grizzled Giant Squirrel. The watchtower is a restful place, which rules the unbelievable view of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Another emphasize of sanctuary is Thoovanam Falls on river Chinnar.

Tourists can make tour to Mattupetty Lake, which is nestled in tea estates. You can have a wonderful view of mist-layered hills.

Devikulam - Best time to visit

The weather of hill resort of Devikulam is meek all through the year. So you can take a tour to Devikulam anytime.

Devikulam - How to Reach

To reach Devikulam, you will have to mount a sheer mountain track. The climb to Devikulam from Kottayam and Kochi is of 149 km and 132 km and takes 4 and ½ hours 4 hrs respectively.

Devikulam Accommodatio

You can reside at Guest House run be the Government which provides all facilities suited to the necessities of a current day tourists.

Devikulam Hill Station Prime Attractions

  • Idukki
  • Munnar
  • Kuthumkal Waterfalls
  • Observatory Hills

Devikulam Hill Station Hotels / Resorts

Hetel / Resort Name Address Rent
Misha Holiday Homes Misha Junction, Devikulam Road, Munnar 685612 Rs 1,637
Springdale Resort Devikulam, Munnar 685613 Rs 664