Denmark Maps

Denmark, the Scandinavian country in Northern Europe is surrounded by North Sea and Baltic Sea. A constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government prevails in Denmark. The capital city, Copenhagen, is the largest city in Denmark. Danish is the official language and English and German are the most widely spoken foreign languages in Denmark. The country spreads over an area of 43,075 square kilometres. Denmark has a population of 5,564,219 people, as per the 2011 estimate. Denmark includes 72 inhabited islands, 371 uninhabited islands and the peninsula of Jutland. Zealand and Funen are the largest islands of Denmark.

Denmark Administrative division

For administrative purpose Denmark is divided into five regions, which include 98 municipalities. The five regions of Denmark include Capital Region of Denmark, Central Denmark Region, North Denmark Region, Region Zealand and Region of Southern Denmark.

Denmark Rivers

River Guden, Kongea, Odense River, Skjern River, Stora, Susa River and Vidå are the major rivers of Denmark. River Guden is the longest river in Denmark which is 176 km long.

Denmark Lakes

Major lakes in Denmark include Arresø, Lake Bagsværd, Bølling Lake, Lake Esrum, Furesø, Lake Madum and The 5 rectangular Lakes in Copenhagen.

Denmark Volcanoes

Faroe Islands, between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and Isua greenstone belt in south-western Greenland has volcanoes in them. The highest natural point in Denmark is Møllehøj. It is 560.6 ft high.

Denmark Forests

Ermelunden, Jægersborg Dyrehave, Riis Skov and Rold Skov are the main forests in Denmark. Rold Skov, Denmark's second largest forest spreads over an area of 80 square kilometres.

denmark map
Map of Denmark