Delphi is an archaeological site as well as a modern town in Greece situated in the south western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis. In the early mythology Delphi was considered to be the site for the worship of God Apollo and after he slew Lord Python a deity who lived and protected those lands was worshipped. Breathtaking mountain scenery surrounds Delphi and it is considered to be the most beautiful ancient in Greece.


History of Delphi is quiet interesting so the one visiting the place should know otherwise it will be just another place they need to visit while they are in Greece. It is located about 100 miles northwest of Athens and is considered to be an ancient site of the Panhellenic sanctuary. The building of Delphi consists of a Temple of Apollo where the famous Oracle, the sacred Corycian Cave and the Castalian Spring sat. The site has been remarked as a sacred place since the Bronze Age. The ruins of the Temple are dated to the 4th century BCE. The monument was partly restored during the year 1938-41.

Delphi Greece

Delphi Information

Type Cultural
Criteria i, ii, iii, iv, v and vi
Reference 393
Region Europe
Delphi Inscription History
Inscription 1987  (11th Session)

Delphi Museum Information

Coordinates 38°29′N 22°30′E
Delphi Museum Government
Country: Greece
Periphery: Central Greece
Peripheral unit: Phocis
Mayor: Nikolaos Fousekis  (ND)
(since: 2011)
Delphi Museum Population Statistics (as of 2001)
Delphi Museum Municipality
 - Population: 32,263
 - Area: 1,123 km2 (434 sq mi)
 - Density: 29 /km2 (74 /sq mi)
Delphi Museum Municipal Unit
 - Population: 3,511
Delphi Museum Community
 - Population: 2,481
Time Zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Auto: ΑΜ

Delphi Facts

Many people are unable to discover the key facts about Delphi while they are visiting the same. Beside been just the collection of ruins of a country it was also known as the center of the world in the ancient times. It was also known as the place where heaven and earth met. This place was considered to be closest to God. The ruins of city Delphi range from the ancient Mycenean time to the early Christians era and are worth visiting.

Beside these facts Delphi is best known for Oracle, a sanctuary that is dedicated to Apollo during the classical period. Its origin is historic as the times and worship of Gaia. Apollo used to speak through this Oracle and people consulted the same for everything from important matters of public to that of personal affairs.

Delphi Weather & Climate

Delphi is considered to be a unique city as it is found to be very busy in summers as well as in winters. During the summers, tourist flock just to take in the many historic and ancient sites while in the winter the ski resorts are overbooked. Yet, the best time to visit Delphi is the spring time when you can have the combination of both the windflowers and snow. Temperatures are generally mild during this time. Thus you will be able to enjoy the territory fairly unspoiled.

During the summer you will suffer from heat as well as from rain and as you require a lot of walking you might get affected due to such unpredictable weather and you will be needing a lot of coverage for yourself and your family or friends to save yourself from the wrath of the heat. Whereas during the winter time you can bundle up as you will be able to enjoy your favourite winter activities besides taking a tour to the ancient sites.

Things to Do and Things to See in Delphi

Beside the ancient ruins of Oracle and Delphi archaeological collection Delphi offers other sightseeing and adventurous sports such as:

  1. You can take a historic tour round the city for other attractive historical sites.
  2. Many other ancient sites are too located in the city and all have an individual history like Osios Lukas.
  3. Further you have some historical and ancient museums which give a complete insight of the ancient civilization of Delphi.
  4. The beautiful mountain surrounding of Delphi present a mesmerizing scenic beauty and also allows you for some adventurous sports.
  5. A lot of shopping can be done.
  6. Ski resorts are there.
  7. Car rally.
  8. Some famous plays are been held.

Delphi is a worth visiting for its archaeological site as well for its history which begins in 1400 BC and also for it direct connection to the Oracle of Delphi kings. And as it is said to be the place closest to God therefore you should visit the same for finding some peace for your heart and mind.

Delphi Municipality

  • Amfissa
  • Delphi
  • Desfina
  • Galaxidi
  • Gravia
  • Itea
  • Kallieis
  • Parnassos

Delphi Visiting Hours

November 1 to March 31
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Open 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30
Closed 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00
April 1 to October 31
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Open 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00
Closed 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30

Always Closed On

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Good Friday - Christian
  • Easter - Christian
  • May Day / Labor Day (May 1)
  • Christmas - Christian (December 25)
  • Day after Christmas
  • St Stephen's Day
  • Boxing Day (December 26)

Delphi Entrance Fee / Cost

Adult 6.00 Euros
Concession or reduced rate 3.00 Euros
Child 18 & under FREE
Students from EU FREE