Delaware History

Delaware History

Delaware State Information

State of Delaware
Delaware State Demonym Delawarean
Delaware State Capital Dover
Delaware State Largest City Wilmington
Delaware State Area  Ranked 49th in the US
 - Total 2,490 sq mi
(6,452 km2)
 - Width 30 miles (48 km)
 - Length 96 miles (154 km)
 - % water 21.5
 - Latitude 38° 27′ N to 39° 50′ N
 - Longitude 75° 3′ W to 75° 47′ W
Delaware State Population  Ranked 45th in the US
 - Total 885,122 (2009 est.)
783,600 (2000)
- Density 442.6/sq mi  (170.87/km2)
Ranked 6th in the US
 - Median income  $50,152 (12th)
Delaware State Elevation  
 - Highest point near Ebright Azimuth
447.85 ft  (136.5 m)
 - Mean 59 ft  (18 m)
 - Lowest point Atlantic Ocean
0 ft  (0 m)
Delaware State Before Statehood Delaware Colony
Delaware State Admission to Union  December 7, 1787 (1st)
Delaware State Governor Jack A. Markell (D)
Delaware State Lieutenant Governor Matthew P. Denn (D)
Delaware State Legislature General Assembly
 - Upper house Senate
 - Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Thomas R. Carper (D)
Edward Kaufman (D)
U.S. House delegation Michael Castle (R)
Delaware State Time zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Delaware State Abbreviations DE Del. US-DE
Delaware State Website

Delaware State Symbols

Delaware State Symbols
Delaware State Animate Insignia
Delaware State Bird(s) Blue Hen Chicken
Delaware State Butterfly Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Delaware State Fish Weakfish
Delaware State Flower(s) Peach blossom
Delaware State Insect Ladybug
Delaware State Tree American Holly
Delaware State Inanimate Insignia
Delaware State Beverage Milk
Delaware State Colors Colonial Blue, Buff
Delaware State Fossil Belemnite
Delaware State Mineral Sillimanite
Delaware State Slogan(s) It's Good Being First
Delaware State Soil Greenwich
Delaware State Song(s) Our Delaware

Delaware Colony

British Colony 1664–1776
Capital New Castle, Delaware
Language(s) English
Government Constitutional monarchy
Legislature General Assembly of Delaware Colony
 - Established 1664
 - Independence 1776
Currency Pound sterling

Delaware State History

Delaware was also known as Lenni Lenape. It consists of three countries combined together, before the time of William Penn, each having its own settlement history, since 1680. Maryland covered most of the parts of southern and western Delaware until 1767. Economic and political circle of Philadelphia covered all of the state.

Delaware History

Long back, several Native American groups of the Delaware were explored by Europeans. To represent the United States in miniature, the population was divided on some of the major issues in American history due to its geographical location as well as settlement pattern.

History says that, Delaware, being among the thirteen colonies, had also taken a part in  American Revolution and fought against British in the year 1776. That is how it got converted to ‘Delaware State’. Delaware was a slave state that stayed in the Union during the American Civil War. According to the Delaware’s governor at the time, Delaware had been the first state to encircle the Union by approving the Constitution and would be the last to leave it.

The British attacked Delaware and occupied it partially from September 1777 till June 1778. The Dutch were forcibly removed by the British. The British claimed the Delaware River watershed, based on the explorations of John Cabot in 1497. The area was home to the Lenni Lenape, Susquehanna, and other Native American tribes before the Delaware was settled by Europeans.

A long and a proud one, is the Delaware’s history.“There were several symbols of Delaware that reflects our state’s unique history, economy and natural surroundings”, said Blue Hen to the State Seal. According to the Delaware General Assembly Act, each and every symbol has been added and approved to the Delaware code.

Delaware is called a “Diamond State” with a motto of ‘Liberty and Independence’.  Delaware, being among the most industrialized states, is very popular for its contribution in chemical industry. State flower of Delaware is the peach blossom. Capital of this state is Dover.

The name of the state originated from the original governor of Virginia, Thomas West, Lord De La Warr. Delaware’s beaches are a place to vacation. Its State Parks are open to all. Sales tax is banned in Delaware and so it became a Shopping Destination. Library and Museum of Haqley keeps many age old evidences of this state and its history. There are restored mills here, old gardens, and also a workers' community. The rich history of Delaware is evident. This is truly a significant historic place.

Delaware State Population

Census Year New Castle
of state
of state
of state
1790 19,688 33% 18,920 32% 20,488 35% 59,096
1800 25,361 39% 19,554 30% 19,358 30% 64,273
1810 24,429 34% 20,495 28% 27,750 38% 72,674
1820 27,899 38% 20,793 29% 24,057 33% 72,749
1830 29,720 39% 19,913 26% 27,115 35% 76,748
1840 33,120 42% 19,872 25% 25,093 32% 78,085

Delaware Colleges and Universities

  • Delaware College of Art and Design
  • Delaware State University
  • Delaware Technical & Community College
  • Drexel University at Wilmington
  • Goldey-Beacom College
  • University of Delaware
  • Wesley College
  • Widener University School of Law
  • Wilmington University

Delaware Sports

Club Sport League
Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball Minor League Baseball
Delaware Griffins Football Women's Professional Football League
Central Delaware SA Future Soccer Women's Premier Soccer League
Delaware Dynasty Soccer USL Premier Development League
Wilmington City Ruff Rollers Roller Derby Women's Flat Track Derby Association
Delaware Destroyers Basketball Eastern Basketball Alliance