Delaware Culture


Culture of Delaware

Delaware Culture

  • Long before the Europeans started colonizing in the state of Delaware, Native Americans inhabited this state due to which the culture of Delaware is a confluence of both Native American culture and the European culture.

  • Ancient Native American tribes namely Unami Lenape and Munsee Lenape who lived along the banks of river Hudson indulged in hunting and agriculture as a source of livelihood.

  • The Dutch and the Swedish settlers were first amongst the other Europeans to settle in the state. They also had their own share of notable influence over the culture of Delaware.

  • Despite the fact that the state of Delaware is small in size, the ethnic composition of the state is varied and vast and has had a great influence on the culture of Delaware. People are from many different countries and the population comprises of Greeks, Germans, Italians, Polish, Irish and Africans. Each and every community has a significant influence on the   culture.

  • English is the main language spoken in the state of Delaware with approximately 90% of the population speaking the language. Spanish is the other important language spoken by about 5% of the total population. Other than these two languages, there are people who speak French, German and Chinese.

  • In terms of religion, there is a lot of variety in the religions that are being practiced by the people of Delaware. But the majority of people residing in Delaware are Catholic, Evangelical and Mainline Protestants. The Catholic Church has the maximum number of followers in the state. Apart from the Christian majority, there are Muslims and Jews who constitute about 2% to 3% of the total population.

  • Out of the many festivals that are celebrated in the state of Delaware, some of the significant ones are the Big August Quarterly Festival. This is celebrated in Wilmington and it originated in the year of 1814. This is one of the oldest festivals in the state of Delaware and it includes activities like singing and dancing. Food is also served to people during this festival.

  • Towards the end of July, every year, the Delaware State Fair is celebrated with a lot of cheer. This festival is actually a fair better known as the Harrington Fair, which comprises of a range of activities from horse racing, musical concerts, demolition derby’s to circus acts.

  • The state of Delaware also celebrates its music in form of music concerts and music festivals. At a place called Rodney Square in Wilmington, a Jazz Music concert is organized annually, which is attended by enormous crowds. The festival has been named “Clifford Brown Jazz Festival” in the memory of the legendary jazz trumpeter who tragically passed away in a traffic mishap.

  • Due to its small size, the state of Delaware doesn’t have any national wildlife parks or national memorials, but it does have amazing museums, lighthouses and many other historical places. Due to its geographical location along the Atlantic coast, the state of Delaware has wonderful beaches. The most prominent being the Rehoboth Beach which is often referred to as "The Nation's Summer Capital".

  • Fenwick Islands along with Dewey Beach, the South Bethany beach and the Bethany Beach are referred to as the Delaware's beach resorts. This place attracts large crowds of tourists from across the country especially from the neighboring states of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. And majority of the crowds coming from the capital of United States of America, Washington, D.C.

The people of the state of Delaware are enthusiastic when it comes to sports with majority of the population following the teams of Philadelphia rather than the teams of Baltimore. But previously even before the team of Baltimore, the Baltimore Ravens entered NFL while the residents of Delaware supported the Washington Redskins.