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Attractions in Delaware

Delaware: Attractions

  • The state of Delaware, being a small state in terms of its total area doesn’t have common tourist places like wildlife parks, monuments and historical memorials. But its list of tourist attractions has places like lighthouses, parks, museums that are of historical importance and beach resorts.

  • The beaches of the state of Delaware are famous vacation spots for Americans living in and around the state of Delaware. Crowds from Washington D.C. Maryland and Pennsylvania turn up in huge numbers to enjoy the beach resorts. The Rehoboth beach is known as "The Nation's Summer Capital" for the reason that people from across the country come here during vacations, making this beach the much sought after attraction of Delaware.

  • The most famous music concert that is one of the significant attractions of Delaware is the “Clifford Brown Jazz Festival” which is commemorated to honor the prominent Jazz Trumpet Player Clifford Brown. Jazz fans from around the country travel to the state of Delaware to be a part of this festival that is held at Wilmington.

Some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Delaware are as follows:

Air Mobility Command Museum

  • The Air Mobility Command Museum is historically important as it houses many fighter planes that go way back to World War II. This museum is  home to planes like the B-17 Flying Fortress, Strato freighter, Cargo master, Flying Boxcar, and Star lifters, to name a few.

  • This museum is located at the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Tourists are also allowed to take pictures with these historical planes and at times are even allowed to sit in the cockpit to experience the thrill.

  • This museum also has the dangerous Douglas Air-2 Genie bomb which is a nuclear bomb. This bomb is a 1.5 kiloton nuclear bomb, has no guidance system and has a deadly range of 6 miles.

The Fountain of Youth

  • It is often said that the ‘Fountain of Youth’ was first explored and founded by the Dutch explorers in the year 1631. This place is situated in Lewes, in the state of Delaware and was famous for its healing and regenerative capabilities.

  • A small marquee was created on this place by the by the Lewes Chamber of Commerce to spot the ‘Fountain of Youth’ in the year 1937. As of now the Fountain of Youth is reportedly dry and has been listed as Private Property.

Punkin Chunkin’

  • Punkin Chunkin’ is a famous festival that includes throwing a pumpkin as far as possible. This festival is the most significant attractions in the state of Delaware. This festival or competition began in the year 1986 when a group of Delawareans competed to throw pumpkins furthest in the air.

  • The state of Delaware was the 1st state in the U.S to become independent and is also known for having the 1st Punkin Chunkin’ contest amongst the other states of the country.

  • The competitors build enormous machines to launch the pumpkins in the air and these include a range of machines like the catapults, trebuchets and big guns. Although in the 1st year of the competition the record height of the pumpkin reaching in the air was about 130 feet, due to advancement in technology now, these monster machines can launch a pumpkin high up in the air and the record height being approximately 4500 feet.

Miles the Monster

  • Miles the Monster can be seen at Dover and it has been built on Highway number 1. Its size is so enormous that people can witness it half a mile away from its actual location.

  • It did cost the management US $ 6 million to build this Monster and this has been recorded as the costliest and the biggest monster in the world.

Delaware Featured Attractions

  1. Miles the Monster, Dover, Delaware
  2. Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover, Delaware
  3. Fountain of Youth, Lewes, Delaware
  4. World Champion Punkin Chunkin, Bridgeville, Delaware
  5. Wilmington
  6. Rehoboth Beach
  7. Lewes