Dalhousie Hill Station

Dalhousie Hill Station

Dalhousie is a city which is situated in Chamba region in state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Dalhousie Hill Station Information

Location of Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh and India
Dalhousie Hill Station Coordinates 32.53°N 75.98°E
Dalhousie Hill Station Country  India
Dalhousie Hill Station State Himachal Pradesh
Dalhousie Hill Station District(s) Chamba
Dalhousie Hill Station Population 7419 (2001)
Dalhousie Hill Station Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Dalhousie Hill Station Area
• Elevation

• 1,954 m (6,411 ft)
Dalhousie Hill Station Altitude 1854.
Dalhousie Hill Station Best Time Mid-May To Mid-October.

Dalhousie Hill Station History

Dalhousie is a stunning hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It was established in 1954 through British Empire in India. It was named after Lord Dalhousie who was British viceroy in India.It was constructed around 5 hills.  It is situated on western boundary of Dhauladhar mountain array of Himalayas; it is bounded by the striking scenery of snow-capped peaks. Victorian and Scottish architecture is common in churches and bungalows in town.

Dalhousie is an entrance to ancient Chamba Hill state, Chamba region of state of Himachal Pradesh of India. And this hill area is a depository of ancient Hindu culture, temples, art, and handicrafts conserved under longest-running single period since mid-sixth century. Chamba is the main center of this culture. Bharmour, the primordial capital of the kingdom, is abode to Gujjar and Gaddi tribes and it has 84 olden temples dating from 7th–10th century AD.

Dalhousie Hill Station Weather

In the month of June-July it is normally warm in morning and afternoon but it gets cold in evening and at night. And the climate becomes very wintry if it rains and for the period of winter. And best time to visit Dalhousie is from May to September.

How To Reach Dalhousie Hill Station

By Air

Gaggal (Kangra) is the bordering airport i.e. 140-km from Dalhousie. Jammu Airport - 190 km and Amritsar Airport is 192 km from Dalhousie. It is well associated to other major cities.

By Rail

Pathankot about 80 kms, the bordering railway station and is linked to all major cities.

By Road

On journey from Pathankot to Chamba and Dalhousie is by road. Himachal and Punjab Roadways run services, as do clandestine operators. Dalhousie distances: Khajjiar 27 kms, Manali 402 kms, Amritsar 188 kms, Delhi 563 kms, Pathankot 80 kms, Dharamshala 143 kms, Chandigarh 352 kms, Chamba 56 kms, Jammu 188 kms and Jalandhar 192 kms.

When To Go Dalhousie Hill Station

Best time to travel Dalhousie is between April and October.

Places To See in Dalhousie Hill Station

Churches – it has some beautiful churches named St. Patrick's Church at Balun, St. Andrew's Church, St. John's Church at Gandhi Chowk and St. Francis' Church at Subash Chowk.

Panchpula – panchpula is a very striking spot where stream feeds a sequence of pools. And a tombstone has been made here in remembrance of liberty fighter, Ajit Singh.

 Subhash Baoli - This place is bounded by royal trees that Subhash Chandra Bose passed lots of time mediating for the period of 1937. It is named after eminent freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose throughout his clandestine visit; it provides a great vision of snow capped peaks.

 Bara Pathar – Bara Pathar is a renowned temple at the center of thick forest. And it is approaching between Dalhousie Municipal limits and Kalatop sanctuary. This place has an open-air temple of Bhuvani Mata.

Subash and Gandhi Chowk The Mall - Gandhi chowk formerly known as GPO is a vigorous square with several shops and restaurants. There is a Tibetan market; qualities of goods range from electronic goods to phony designer clothes are obtainable. There are 2 roads that direct to Subash Chowk, which present the Himachal handloom manufacturing emporium.

Sadar Bazaar - This is a region which is most occupied, the street has a Hindu temple, Arya Samaj mandir, gurudwara, and mosque which are located alongside.
Dalhousie Cantt Hill - The Dalhousie cantonment hill was expanded as a withdraw station for British troops. And the barracks are made in Victorian way and a Brigade Headquarters still survives here. People have a preference to name this place Balun.

Dainkund - This is the highest peak around Dalhousie. From here you can visit major rivers of area - the Beas, the Chenab, and the Ravi. And there is a very admired devi temple on hill.

Chamba - This is a pleasing place and there are several places of interest. Bhuri Singh Museum, The Rang Mahal Palace are beautiful places to visit. There are several old temples.

Dalhousie Hill Station Hotels and Restaurants

Dalhousie Hill Station Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Moonga Dalhousie
  • Hotel Shangri-La
  • Hotel Sun Rise
  • Hotel Ranjeet Sagar View Dalhousie
  • Hotel Mount-View, Dalhousie - Average Daily Rate: Rs.4500
  • Hotel Grand View, Dalhousie
  • Snow Valley Resorts, Dalhousie
  • Hotel Monal, Dalhousie
  • Hotel Pearl, Dalhousie
  • Hotel King's, Dalhousie - Average Daily Rate: Rs.1100

Dalhousie Hill Station Deluxe Hotels

  1. Hotel Grace Mount Dalhousie
  2. Hotel Spring
  3. Hotel Lall Ji Resorts - Average Daily Rate: Rs.2592
  4. Hotel Alps Resorts
  5. Chanakya Hotel, Dalhousie
  6. Hotel Spring, Dalhousie
  7. Hotel Nest, Dalhousie
  8. Hotel Shangri-la, Dalhousie
  9. Peace Channels, Dalhousie

Dalhousie Hill Station Luxury Hotels

  1. Hotel Snow Valley Resorts
  2. Hotel Mount View
  3. Hotel Grand View
  4. Hotel Dalhousie Heights
  5. Hotel Silverton, Dalhousie
  6. Alps Resort, Dalhousie - Average Daily Rate: Rs.1500
  7. Hotel Ark, Dalhousie
  8. Hotel Aroma-N-Claire, Dalhousie
  9. Grace Mount Hotel, Dalhousie
  10. Hotel Kumars, Dalhousie - Average Daily Rate: Rs.1000
  11. Sagrika Resort, Dalhousie: Average Daily Rate : Rs.1782
  12. Hotel Mongas, Dalhousie
  13. The Manimahesh, Dalhousie
  14. The Geetanjali, Dalhousie
  15. Dalhousie Heights, Dalhousie - Average Daily Rate: Rs.4278